7 thoughts on “The Squiggle Of Shame

  1. Jimmee

    Who’s frankly loopy and what’s he got to do with the ups and downs of Ireland’s property prices?

  2. jeremy kyle

    And of course they made Britain green and gave us the colour of shite.

    A premeditated dig at us Paddy’s I bet!

    Or not.

  3. DoM

    Interesting to note that house prices against average income shows us currently just a tiny bit above the long term average for the country. Which is more than a little scary.

    1. McKay

      Well as long as we keep selling houses to each other what can go wrong? Works out well for the banks, estate agents, media and government too – excellent!

  4. jeanclaudetrichet

    Broadsheet does more ‘shaming’ than the catholic church.
    Do we really need to feel ‘shame’ at the perceived valuation by a select few?

  5. Mario Draghi

    Yes we do Claude! It’s my Euro now. Go enjoy your gold-plated retirement and whatever you do don’t give anything away to the Irish at their banking enqury.

    Mercy Buckets


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