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Bay Meadows in Dublin 15

Via The Irish Times:

A global investment company has been involved in the acquisition of a new development of 112 houses in north Dublin in order to rent them out.

Round Hill Capital is the same company which also bought most of the houses in a Maynooth, Co Kildare, housing estate.

The company, together with SFO Capital Partners, has acquired Bay Meadows in Dublin 15, which it describes as “high-quality suburban family homes”.

Investment firms buy estate of 112 new houses in Dublin to rent out (Irish Times)




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Mullen Park estate, Maynooth,  county Kildare.

The 170-home estate has had 135 homes bought by Round Hill Capital, a global property investment firm, who will be putting the houses on the rental market, making them unavailable to first-time buyers in Ireland.

Good times.

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Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews


Kevin Whitty writes:

Is it possible to get a log of what the Minister for Housing does every day??

I wouldn’t be surprised if these new, unbuilt properties, were rented back to the government for social housing.

Really sick of this nonsense. Canada and NZ both identified a bubble based on their policies and are in the process of change. Why won’t our government change their policies?!

Crazy House Prices (Instagram)


Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien

This morning.

Meanwhile, under the Shared Equity Loan scheme planned by Minister for Housing Daragh O’Brien allocates €75m to offer equity loans of up to 30% on new-build homes under €400,000. The scheme will have no salary cap and will be aimed at allowing younger people purchase their first homes.

Social Democrats Housing spokesperson Cian O’Callaghan TD said:

“It is crucially important that the Government drops its plan for shared equity loans which will further inflate house prices. It would be grossly irresponsible if the Government proceeds with its plan to add fuel to the fire when it comes to house prices.

“There are already a number of factors pushing up house prices during the pandemic – these include reduced supply, an overall increase in household savings and favourable tax treatment of REITs [Real estate investment trusts] , which is pushing up the prices of apartments in particular and pushing out first time buyers.

“I’m calling on the Minister for Housing to drop his proposals for shared equity loans from the Affordable Housing Bill. We need measures that will increase the supply of affordable homes – not measures that will further increase demand and house prices.”


This morning.

New figures from the Central Statistics Office figures show that residential property prices rose at the fastest annual rate in 17 months in December, up 2.2% year-on-year.

This comes after disruptions from an initial Covid-19 lockdown had halted seven years of unbroken growth.

House prices dropped as much as 0.9% in August but have been broadly stable for the last year or so.

Home prices rose 1.2% in Dublin in December, only the third time prices have increased in Dublin on an annual basis since July 2019.

Annual house price growth hits 17-month high of 2.2% in December (RTÉ)

For sale.

Sakura (‘cherry tree ‘in Japan).

Churchtown Road, Dublin 14.

…this salient turreted home has been arranged to ensure maximisation of natural light with an excellent flow throughout with easy access to a choice of outdoor areas.

The house itself has wonderful architectural features both externally and internally including the distinctive turreted towers with red roofs, the floating double helix staircase beautifully positioned under the front turret and the galleried landing over the living room….

Yours for a princely €1,820,900.

Sakura, Churchtown Road, Dublin 14 (MyHome)

Thanks Liam

Dublin Rental Watch tweetz:

A €1,200pm studio found on the Irish Examiner [website]. A studio to the rear of 32 Church Road [East Wall, Dublin 3]. There is no cooking facilities bar a microwave. This property as photographed would not meet many of the Minimum Standard Requirements.

Church Road, East Wall, Dublin 3€1,200 / month (Irish Examiner)

Geo writez:

Hi, I was hoping you may be able to help with a college project I’m working on with a friend of mine. We’re trying to create an app to improve the buying/renting experience of people in Ireland (it’s horrific). If you could share this survey it would be really appreciated.

In fairness.

You can do the survey here

Planning application notice for 15, Usher’s Island, Dublin 8

During this ongoing debate about the repatriation of James Joyce’s body, the developers Fergus McCabe and Brian Stynes have submitted an application to convert 15 Usher’s Island – the house in which Joyce’s story, The Dead, is set – into a 56-room hostel replete with a cafe.

If Dublin and the Dublin City Council truly want to honour Joyce, their energies would be better spent on devising a better plan for this house, rather than wasting time on the misguided business of repatriation (as has been well documented in these pages).

Joyce conceived and wrote The Dead in his self-imposed exile at a point when he began to miss his abandoned city.

As a result, it is less caustic than the other stories in Dubliners and, while still critical, shows a sincere and abiding appreciation of “Irish hospitality”.

This underlying affection is one of many reasons why this story is often considered the greatest short story in the English language.

On the other hand, McCabe and Stynes’s application exemplifies the very reasons why Joyce left Ireland, “the old sow that eats her farrow”.

Dr Sam Slote,
Associate Professor,
School of English,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2.


A better plan for the house of The Dead (Irish Times letters page)

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Good times.

College living: the pitfalls of buying property for your children (Conor Pope, The Irish Times, subscriber only)

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