23 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of It Sofa?

  1. Soundings

    Who Simon Delaney? Is he some housebound person and is that why he needs use the sofa as a litter. Do the others just carry him to the shops and such? Suppose it gets him out of the house. Apache!

      1. JimmytheHead

        Badly veiled homophobia… Funny how you randoms always pop in an initial for one of your names, is that part of the naming convention in your PR company?

    1. Frilly Keane

      No need t’act the prick there Murph

      The lad’s a grafter
      Nothing wrong with that

      Besides that
      His turn on The Good Wife wasn’t a joke

      I think a fair play t’him is long last due

  2. Davos

    It’s for an ad. Also will be in Jervis St, Grand canal dock and Dun Laoghaire today. Stephen’s Green tomorrow.
    PS: Simon’s a hard worker and a grand lad.

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