26 thoughts on “Oi, Ref!

  1. Davy Jones

    Well done to Bohs. Smart darts by them as well, they have spotted that this MarRef has huge levels of support in the younger generations, stolen a march on the other PL clubs me thinks.

  2. Just sayin'

    Has Broadsheet just turned into the Gay Community News? Can we talk about something else for 5 minutes?

    1. Sam

      What do you suggest?
      -Do you have anything that looks like Ireland?
      -Have you witnessed some inconsiderate parking?
      -Have you noticed anything (or things) that have the colours of the Irish flag in them?
      -Has your bike been stolen?
      -Have you found a passport or driving license?

      1. Malta

        Or missing pet? A child you know done something precocious?
        Oooh I know, you want more about water charges stuff?

    2. Annie

      I know dear. One would think that there is a Referendum on Marriage Equality in the next few weeks. Crazy, all this talk of extending marriage rights to same-sex couples, isn’t it?

      Might I just say, if you are a tad upset at these posts, perhaps it is best to avoid them by not clicking or gravitating toward outfits with whose views you wholeheartedly agree? Something totally non-gay. I know it is difficult unless perhaps there is another reason you feel compelled to comment on these posts? You know, just like you’re not compelled to read GCN – but I bet you do nose through it. Just sayin’ like.

      Try harder next time.

    1. Kieran NYC

      I’m sure Bluebeard will be along to tell us that this is ALL WRONG. He’s a huge Yes supporter of course, but the campaign is ALL WRONG.

  3. Jane

    That’s a fantastic poster and the smalltext at the bottom is particularly heartening. It really is great to see so many organisations prepared to make a positive, inclusive statement about this issue. It’s also great that we’ve now become a country where alienating gay people, their friends and families is now a worse move for your business, club or organisation than alienating bigots.

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