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Thanks Enda Bolger (The Irish Sun); Neil Henderson (UK covers); Colm Heaney (Irish Daily Mirror); Patrick Conboy (The Longford Leader); Ronan Casey (Westmeath Topic); Brian Oliver (The Irish Times); Geoff McGrath (The irish Daily Mail)

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15 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Soundings

    Hah! The FT reports that Goldman Sachs is worried Labour will win the British election. The same Goldman Sachs that is worried that Sinn Fein will be in government here next year. Who gives a toss, let alone a front page headline, what these scandal-ridden clowns think?

    1. martco

      It matters a lot as it happens as GS are reckoned by many to be the root cause and chief beneficiary of austerity tactics (like commoditisation of things you wouldn’t expect at a whole county level….say privatisation of your water infrastructure for example)

  2. Kieran NYC

    Unfortunately a moronic headline in the Examiner. It needs to get its last few toes out of the tabloid guff pool.

  3. Praetorian.

    So according to the never ending ads on RTE radio TV license inspectors call to 30,000 unlicensed propertys/premises per week…that would be 1,560,000…according to Irish Water numbers thats every household in Ireland (RoI).

    But the Sun says one in six…so that means there are over 9 million households/premises on the island.
    (im pissed btw…hop house 13 promotion)

    Im now 20yrs without a license.

          1. SB

            Exactly. Meanwhile the rest of us have to pay inflated TV licence fees to cover the licence dodgers. If he’s so proud of it, I wonder would he put it in writing about the 20 years to An Post?

          2. Swoon

            I only watch the Tv to watch a very occasional Dvd.Rte do not provide to the set or the dvd and it’s not a Love/Hate box set.Still a tax cheat?

        1. SB

          Whether you watch RTE or not is irrelevant to the Licence Fee – it’s for HAVING a TV, not what you use it for

  4. Soundings

    Nice of the Daily Mail to tell us that half the water charge protesters “clogging our streets” don’t work full-time, which of course suggests the anti-water charge movement is comprised of crusty scroungers who don’t want to pay for anything. Which some might think is rich of the Daily Mail given its owner is the 4th Viscount Rothermere (or plain Harry Harmsworth if you’re not into titles malarkey) , of whom Private Eye says in its current issue “[he] is treated by the British tax authorities as a non-dom [someone who doesn’t pay wealth or income tax in the UK because they claim to be resident in another country]”

    Now, how much is Irish Water spending with the Daily Mail advertising the fairy benefits of a quango which is merely doing what local authorities did previously?

    1. Stephanenny

      Not to mention the fact that 10% of the country has no work at all so they’ve failed to account for that too.

    2. Wayne.F

      Soundings the 50% figure comes from a survey and study completed by AAA and right to water and they held a massive press conference and published a press release about yesterday.

      So the mail are the only paper to carry their right2water and AAA report on their front page

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