16 thoughts on “The Grey Owl

      1. LiamZero

        It’s a barge. On a canal. You don’t see that every day…

        …unless you pass a canal every day, in which case you do.

  1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Had a few cans down there at those trees only last week. Saw a rat, and there ends my cans on the canal story.

    1. Sheila

      The canal banks are full of rats, I see them all the time on the banks outside where i live.

      The canal banks are also full of noisy can drinking shite hawks, at 4am this morning to be exact.

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    ” Harcourt Street? Stalker alert on the Luas green line, approach with batons at the ready”

  3. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Sheila it wasn’t me, honest. I was tucked up in bed at 4am drinking cans silently. No slurps or nothin.

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