19 thoughts on “Up With This Sort Of Thing

  1. Yea, Ok

    Now that it’s 20 years old can we stop shoehorning Father Ted references into every aspect of Irish life? The show was great but give it a rest please.

  2. All Corrs are Lizards

    the sign should read, “careful now, dont watch the third series as its rubbish, also matthews and linehans failed in everything they did after father ted”. a bit long winded but accurate

    1. Wayne.F

      Series 3 included the par mustard, Chris thee sheep, kicking Bishop Brennan up the arss, the Chinese and the 5- side episode

      1. All Corrs are Lizards

        so yes as i say it was rubbish. the IT crowd is a disgrace of a comedy, like the big bang theory in that its not at all funny and has nerds in it

        1. Kieran NYC

          I disagree with the rest of your comments, but I agree with your kicking of Big Bang Theory.

          Came across a review of Silicon Valley recently that called it “as smart and funny as BBT thinks it is”.

          Dropping a silly-sounding ‘science word’ into a script does not a joke make. There has to be an actual… joke.

          1. All Corrs are Lizards

            no you must agree with all my comments!

            big bang theory is no funnier than two of a kind

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