Now Swipeable



April’s Renua-tinged cover of VIP magazine.

The title launched its FIRST ‘website’ [link below] yesterday, ahead of the VIP Style Awards tomorrow night and some years since the birth of the world wide web.

All the slebs in real time.

What if the hairdresser doesn’t have wi-fi?

This could change everything/we’re back baby/”Airbrush!” etc.


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22 thoughts on “Now Swipeable

      1. jeremy kyle

        I really fuppin’ hate the way he says, “you’re not gonna get THAT for €250”!

        1. Mick Flavin

          Director: Okay John, in your own time…

          John: You’re not GONNA get that for €250!

          …Two hours of line readings later…

          John: You’re not gonna get THAT for €250!

          Director: F**k it, it’ll do…

    1. Tá Frilly Keane

      ‘Didn’t know his name ’till now

      Knew his gob alright
      And is his missus one of the TV3 infomercial girls?
      ‘Heard’a her tho

    2. bertie blenkinsop

      Thank you Jonotti, I thought I was alone. He’s so self satisfied he makes Mourinho seem like Matt Talbot.

  1. Bacchus

    It’s only right that Lucinda be featured in this vacuous piece of hairdresser library fodder. If only she’d stick to that.

  2. Jeff

    The majority of VIP readers are either housebound, long-term unemployed or have suffered a mild brain injury. It serves some purpose, although no one is sure what.

  3. Kieran NYC

    I fear for that baby if his mother is blathering about the “surprises of motherhood”.

  4. Scheinhauser

    Enjoyed that headline there on the home page: ‘Jennifer Maguire to step out for first time since birth’

  5. Anne

    Thems are weird looking eyebrows on Lucinda.
    I browse, on VIP.. Geddit geddit.

    But this is great news… why didn’t someone think of this earlier.

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