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April’s Renua-tinged cover of VIP magazine.

The title launched its FIRST ‘website’ [link below] yesterday, ahead of the VIP Style Awards tomorrow night and some years since the birth of the world wide web.

All the slebs in real time.

What if the hairdresser doesn’t have wi-fi?

This could change everything/we’re back baby/”Airbrush!” etc.



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Last night.

The launch of the announcement of the night of the VIP Style Awards with a guest list boasting  a galaxy of nattily attired Irish telly personalities.


Bottom pic from left: Darren Kennedy (most checked) Lenny Buckley (Clashing footwear) Brent Pope (Best Use Of Gant) Lisa Cannon (Best Use of Magazine As Accessory); Aoife Walsh (Bemused Newcomer Award); Peter O’Riordan (‘American Psycho’ special award); and token Actually Stylish Person.


The winners of each award will be announced on Friday April 24th in the Marker Hotel Dublin, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin


VIP magazine

janet and trish


At a library by the looks of it with the help of a stylist and a crack professional photographer.

‘Nidgella’ writes:

“[RTÉ 1 drama Love/Hate character] Nidge’s women? How about they are women and characters in their in their own right not just a gangster’s chattel, pesky sleb mag. Saying that they do look very nice.”