Volvo’s Lounge Console Concept, unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show this week.

A super luxurious version of the new XC90 (which started life as a well-heeled family seven seater) with the third row of seats and the passenger seat removed to make way for a luxurious ladyconsole for the rear seat passenger.

More leg room, a 17-inch monitor, tray table, vanity mirror, lock box, shoe drawer and storage tray for ‘jewelry and makeup’.

Volvo Lounge Console Lets Compact Car Owners Join The Chauffeur-Driven Class: Video (Motor Authority)


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25 thoughts on “VIP Lounge

  1. Digs

    “Designed to be practical.” Sweet holy mother of God, it’s the car of Barry Egan’s dreams.

  2. munkifisht

    Would be interesting to see the crash tests. Can’t see it passing as you’d slip out from underneath the seatbelt.

      1. munkifisht

        What?! No, not like that at all. She’s in a seated position with her feet up and legs straight. In a taxi or limousine you have your legs at a 90² angle.

        1. Parky Mark

          You realise that in an impact it’s the seat belt that stops you being thrown forward, not your feet on the ground.

    1. Wayne.F

      Considering Volos mission statement that their cars are not involved in a road fatality by 2022 you can be pretty sure safety has been factored in

    1. Parky Mark

      It’s set up like every other seat belt in the world, what’s not to work? Don’t worry, engineers have already worked it out for you.

  3. Owen

    This would appeal to a lot of the heads of the tech companys, retail giants etc, who are between sites all day and have a driver, but no real place to do work.

    1. Joe the Lion

      Does that rule apply to me too Caroline? I’ll wear those sheer nylons you particularly like.

  4. Tá Frilly Keane

    I Want
    I Want
    I Want

    Frilly Keane Volvo XC90 Ambassador
    Do it
    D’ye think

    Or do I need to be a pal of Louis Walshes’ and get me’self on the telly
    And loose a half a dozen Kilos
    And get meself on d’telly again

    And shit like that

  5. Socky

    I have a recurring nightmare that I’m driving a car from the back seat and the driver’s seat is removed and I can’t reach the pedals and then I crash. I think it stems from getting a lift off a Croat army veteran many years ago who was so fat that he had this set up and drove sitting in the back seat. This ad has totally reminded me of all that. Thanks a million broadsheet.
    *googles therapists in Dublin*

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