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  1. scottser

    just thinking of all the more fukn weddings i’ll have to go to when this is passed. i’m broke enough as it is..

    1. jeremy kyle

      Just openly declare on Facebook that you’re voting No and you won’t get invited to any, but you can still vote go and yes if you want.

      Win win.

      1. Drogg

        I am setting up a wedding related business to cash in on this boom.
        “Confetti and Glitter Canons Are Us”.

      2. scottser

        grand job – i’ll start here so:
        dirty fekn quares and the slithery holes on them. they’ll all burn in hell like the spawn they are. oh, save us some cake will ya?

    2. Tá Frilly Keane

      Just de-friend Sammy Sausages Scotty

      Then you won’t have so many weddings to do for

  2. Jonotti

    Don’t remember the hipster shops putting up Vote No to Lisbon signs. I’m voting yes, but I hate the ‘vote yes’ people who would be afraid on other occasions to voice a political opinion. This vote is important, it’s not a bloody fashion statement.

    1. mauriac

      hear hear.will be watching out for Twitter inc to be publicly pushing for greater financial equality and higher corporation taxes before the next budget..

    2. Don Pidgeoni

      It’s probably a bit more relatable than the Lisbon treaty which you guys had to do twice to get right anyway!!! Jokes…

    3. Anyways

      Jonotti Dont speak for everyone maybe
      I am firmly yes but the issue I’d have with the no posters is that they are deliberately misinforming, why shouldnt I have a problem with that? If truth was employed it’d be fine, then again there is no convincing /legit argument opposing marriage equality

    4. Nially

      Yeah, it’s mental how lots of business owners find this referendum on whether or not many of their employees and customers are equal citizens to be more immediately impactful on them than the Lisbon referendum. Mad, Ted.

  3. Jay

    Hello Broadsheet,

    Any chance you could ask the Legal Coffee Drinker about the tampering/removal of Electoral/Referendum Posters.

    There’s a lot of people stating it is ‘illegal’ to remove them, but I don’t see any legislation surrounding the removal of them by a third-party to the original party that placed them there – in the ELECTORAL (AMENDMENT) (No. 2) ACT 2009 and also the LITTER POLLUTION ACT.

    BUT that might be because it’s Friday at 5pm and I’ve been drinking since 3….

    And the drink says like there is no law as to the content of what can be placed on the posters, is there also no law about who can or can’t take them down.

    So I’m wondering is it (a) 100% illegal or (b) just bad sportsmanship?

    And if it’s bad sportsmanship isn’t that an unfair as everyone knows that the majority of gays don’t play sports.

    1. The Old Boy

      Speaking in my unofficial capacity as Legal Stout Drinker, the posters remain the property of the person or organisation that owned and erected them. Therefore, removing them without the owner’s permission is theft under section 4 of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act of 2001, just the same as any other theft.

  4. SunshineB

    Jonotti you can’t compare peoples interest to this issue with the disinterest in the Lisbon Treaty. Or any other treaty for that matter. This is not a political issue. People are interested because they appreciate that if it doesn’t affect their own lives in a very significant way it affects people they know and love at the very least. It’s an issue that crosses political beliefs. Not everybody is interested in politics, but most people have an opinion on this.

    1. Jonotti

      The Lisbon Treaty affected wage rates, union representation, first world relations with the third, the privatization of public services, military spending, the right to citizenship, etc. It affected every dimension of our lives. The fashionistas didn’t talk about it, because it would alienate their customers and it was a difficult thing to do. Painting ‘yes to marriage’ is an easy thing to do, it requires no hassle, it’s fashionable, it won’t lead to massive financial loss. Of course this ref. is important, but I wouldn’t trust the people who are shouting so loudly about it, they’re the people who always run away when the going gets tough.

      1. Dubh Linn

        God, what a load of ‘what – about -ery’ I don’t like what you are discussing so here is my attempt to derail the conversation by moaning about something out of context.

        I suggest you get over it. Not a lot of people are complaining about the use of pesticides on this thread as ….. it is not the place for it, people are trying to have a conversation about the marriage equality vote.

        The journal.ie may be more your speed.

      2. Anon

        Wait, you were expecting deep analysis from a campaign that seems to have nothing more to say than vote yes to “be nice” to gay people? “Be nice” is not convincing. Can we vote to be nice to people with inadequate medical care instead? Can we “be nice” and give everyone a pony?

        Can we not say gay people are just like everyone else?

        Can we skip the rhetoric and instead start to talk about the boring reality of how we want to structure our tax and benefit system to benefit those who raise children? A family! (Even if we allow childless couples a smaller amount of benefit than singles, even if they’re in Renua or otherwise.) Won’t someone please think of the children!!!

  5. Ppads

    Businesses supporting the Yes campaign are mainly doing so because it will be good for trade. There wouldn’t be so many of them painting windows if indications were that No were ahead but it still good to see. The gap will narrow as the referendum date approaches because if you throw enough sh|t at a wall, some of it will stick, and so far that about sums up the No campaign… hurling excrement.

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