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Down by the schoolhouse
At the corner of Mount Street Bridge
The crack of a bullet
Echoes from the surgeons’ college
And here by the canal
A silence descends like death
Little do some know
They’re about to draw their final breath

Fiach Moriarty and RTÉ Concert Orchestra – Mount Street Bridge

The inner monologue of a young English soldier “marching towards the gunfire of the 1916 Easter Rising”.

Filmed live in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin as part of the RTÉ Arena ‘Road to the Rising’ special.

Fiach Moriarty (Facebook)

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7 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Truth in the News

    RTE trying to give respectabilty to British Army and for the best part of the
    last 50 years avoiding anything Republican, indeed an An Post might issue
    a stamp to comemorate the British Army losses in 1916, rather than the Rising.
    We’d want to watch out, instead on the Road to the Rising we might end up
    on the Road to the Revolution 2016, and the Royal Television Establishment
    would do well to think again.

  2. ScroodleMcCann

    Lads it’s an anti war song clearly. And a great one at that. If you took any time to research or listen to Fiach’s new album you’d hear songs about Patrick Pearse etc.
    As for RTÉ, the Road to the rising was a great success in OConnell Street but you probably weren’t there. There were wars to be fought on your laptop that day.

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