‘It Lasted Longer Than Some Celeb Marriages’



Above Rick’s Burger joint, Dublin City centre, this morning.

Will St. Ledger writes:

Joe Caslin piece battered by wind and rain last night

An Irish solution, in fairness.

Thanks Will

Top pic: Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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36 thoughts on “‘It Lasted Longer Than Some Celeb Marriages’

  1. scottser

    well ithat’s that – holy god sent the wind and rain to wash away the abhorrence that is gay marriage. we should execute all deviants at once.
    be pure
    be vigilant

    1. donkey_kong

      I guess god might be a no voter after all.

      up yours stephen fry and your god hating posse

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    Seriously, who is surprised by this? They more or less wallpapered the gable end of a building. I mean, come on. With our weather?

    1. Jordofthejungle

      Lol @ Rotide: cheap, lowbrow and hyperbolic. Lots of No posters remain in place in my area of south county Dublin, however shameless and mendacious the message.

  3. Grouse

    I wish it hadn’t ended quite so obviously a metaphor for a flagging Yes campaign for those that are looking for it. Hope they resurrect it.

    Here are some tabloid headlines for No campaigners, if you need them. I know jokes are difficult for you guys:
    – ‘April showers jinx gay vowers.’ This is a play on “April showers bring may flowers”.
    – ‘Vote “yes”? You think I came down in the last shower?’

    1. Bazler

      Or a cost effective and temporary way of doing public art when you don’t have buckets of cash. Its basically printed paper, a bit of paste and a few volunteers.

      Or it could be a crap way of doing public art.

      YOU decide.

  4. baz

    You religious nuts really are pathetic! This mural has served it’s purpose! If it was intended as a permanent fixture, it wouldn’t hav been done in paper! QUITE OBVIOUSLY NOT GODS DOING! simply physics! is god responsible for your discriminatory and bigoted ways???? suppose he could be given he gave you free will and you all Fupped up his msg and decided to use that free will to become bigots!

    Racism and sexism are dying out because the people deemed it unacceptable, the same as what is going to happen with this referendum with homophobia! You guys are a dying breathe who have placed themselves firmly on the WRONG side of history! enjoy your discrimination while it lasts, your days are numbered! VOTE YES! EQUALITY FOR ALL!

    1. scottser

      mmm we have-a a sinner here people-ah. yess indeed, the devil himself-ah walks amongst us!!
      * thumps bible
      mmm and the lord said-ah ‘ye shall cast him out-ah!’ and ye shall be redeemed-ah!!
      *thumps bible twice
      mmmm kneel and pray with me child-ah! kiss the scripture-ah!! let the lord in-ah!!! for he is the light-ah and the word-ahhh!!
      *touches bible to baz’s head. baz sees the error of his ways and votes no..

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