Was It For This?




Omar Sarhan writes:

I came across this wonderful document at the Imperial War Museum in London at the weekend, today is 99 years since the surrender of the rebels of the Easter Rising. I did more of a write up  (link below) and also found some other items that your readers my like….

Irish History At The War Museum (A Place for Everything)

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9 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. ivan

    The Imperial War Museum is one of the must-see attractions in London. Of course, you think it’s going to be a load of Clarksonwank stuff – tanks and guns etc (and there’s a bit of that, sure) but if you can keep a dry eye in the WW1 area, where they exhibit the letters home from the Tommys, talking about trench conditions and the Christmas Armistice, you’re made of bloody strong stuff…

    Stuff like what’s there, above, is obviously pretty cool as well.

    1. Drogg

      I was doing research for a documentary last year and the people in the Imperial War Museum where a great source of information, they have an amazing and brilliantly categorised archive.

    1. Omar Sarhan

      Ah not bad to be honest, thanks for asking. Lots of crown propaganda to watch out for though!
      Looking forward to the summer and also count myself lucky I live close to work and don’t have to commute on the tube daily.

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