‘They Left A Tyre’



Fiona writes:

My Lapierre bike was taken between 6.20pm and 7.45pm outside Super Valu in Ranelagh {Dublin 6] lastFriday [April 24] Above is what it should look like, however what is different is my bike had red writing on the saddle, not blue. The lock and one tyre was left behind, so the bike should have one Michelin Dynamic tyre but presumably the thief will add another similar one….

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20 thoughts on “‘They Left A Tyre’

      1. Vote Rep #1

        So they took the bike but randomly took off one of the tires before cycling away? Unless Fiona only locked a tire, which would be quite impressive, I think we can assume she meant that a wheel & lock was left.

  1. Butter

    How did your experiment with only locking the quick release tyre instead of the frame go Fiona?

    1. Parky Mark

      Sadly there’s no such thing as a quick release tyre. That’s one thing technology hasn’t given us yet.

    1. Bingo Slimz

      If you put your back wheel into the space you can still lock your bike correctly through both wheel and frame. I know. I’ve locked my bike up loads of times there. And I still have it.

  2. David


    I had a bike stolen once, one I had built myself, over months and months, piece by piece as I could afford whilst on the dole. It’s difficult to describe how low I got after that.

    I hope you get your bike back and that the thief suffers something painful.

  3. Blublu

    So worrying, I lock my bike up there for an hour or so most mornings. Can’t believe someone had the gall to take a one-wheeled away from there at that time of the day

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