Your Brain On Guts



A mind-altering promo for issue three of Guts, the controversial Irish literary confessional title

The Drugs Issue features writers Kevin Power, Conor Creighton, Padraic E Moore, Grace Dyas, Amo Downey, Roisin Kiberd, Neil Watkins, Michael Egan, and Maeve Devoy on nodges ‘n’ neckin.



Guts The Drugs Issue

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27 thoughts on “Your Brain On Guts

    1. Lordblessusandsaveus

      I’ve never met a relaxed hippie. They’re always trying really hard to chill out.

  1. Nilbert

    this is almost as edgy as all the times people have done exactly the same thing since the 1980s!!!1!!!!

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Roisin Kiberd… on drugs? Sounds like a priest lecturing on sex.

    But these are supposed to be ‘confessionals’ about personal drug taking experiences… I hope it’s not some voyeuristic confessional-interpretation of some teen passing out after necking a bottle of Benylin. My gut tells me this’ll lean towards that…. I hope I’m wrong though….

    1. Drogg

      If i had have known they where looking i could give them some terribly written brilliant drug taking experiences. I assume they pay, right?

  3. Custo

    You’d think that they mght have ‘written’ a warning about strobing at the start of that video.

    I just had a seizure.

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