This morning.

Dolly and Cooks.

The launch of Taste of Dublin 2015 at the Merrion Hotel, Dublin.

A brace of Ireland’s best known cooks minus Rachel Allen and Bodger’s ma.

From left Clodagh McKenna, Richard Corrigan, recipient of the Taste Icon Award. Kevin Thornton, model Roz Purcell, Joy Beattie, Kevin ‘lay off the carrots’ Dundon and Ross Lewis.

Name YOUR favourite among those pictured (pound for pound) below.

Taste of Dublin will run in Iveagh Gardens, Dublin from  June 11-14.

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)




Never leave overnight in the oven, etc.

A close up of Kevin WellDundon.

(leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

16 thoughts on “Cheferendum

  1. YourNan

    your one looks like something photoshopped from a 1950’s catalogue of submissive brides.

  2. Sheila

    Great, the annual summer lock down of the Iveagh Gardens soon begins. Pooh-sticks :(

    (I know it’s only partly closed, but it’s still poohy)

  3. rotide

    holy crap look at the state of Dundon. They’re gonna need extra powder for the next SuperValu ad

    1. Del McG

      Maybe ithe’s actually that colour for his next Supervalu ad, where he will be playing the role of a deli counter rotisserie chicken

  4. Nilbert

    I can’t wait for this event! Hopefully I can pay for a ticket this year so I can queue to buy overpriced samplers of bland food to eat in a overcrowded park full of marketing stands while listening to brunch jazz!!

  5. Caroline

    Tan shaming now is it? A thundering disgrace. You stay classy. Mods delete my account and cancel my subscription.

  6. TomRed

    Is it just me or does Roz Purcell look like her feet are floating, David Blaine-esque??

    (this is not a shameless attempt to stare at her legs)..

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