Clean And No Jerks



Further to Flyefit’s ‘Girls Who Lift’ video.

Harry Leech, of Dublin’s Capital Strength gym writes:

I read the “Lifting Women” piece, and the reaction to it from (seemingly) mostly male commentors.I’ve been coaching women in Olympic Weightlifting for a decade, and this year Weightlifting Ireland sent a full team of women to the European Championships for the first time.

The benefits of weightlifting and weight-training for women arguably outweigh the benefits for men, and anything that gets women lifting weight is to be applauded – but I’m skeptical that many women will feel in any way encouraged or empowered to take up weightlifting by a video of an oiled-up woman ‘training’ in slo-mo.

So, while shamelessly plugging our own non-chain gym with our zero-budget video (above), I’d like to invite any of your female readers interested in competitive weightlifting to contact us at the link below – if you’re not close to Capital Strength I can point you in the direction of other great Weightlifting Clubs around the country.

And in the interest of equality, we’d love to hear from any interested male readers too. Boys can be strong too you know…

Capital Strength Gym, Dublin (

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20 thoughts on “Clean And No Jerks

  1. Gaz

    Fair play Harry! Great piece. It’s very important that weight lifting be promoted properly towards women as much as any other exercise.

  2. Chris

    Bonus points for having Pavement on the stereo in the first few seconds of the video too. You wouldn’t get that from a Ben Dunne gym- more of a Sebadoh man by all accounts.

  3. Clare

    Haha. Nice! Inspiring women. Motivational video. Job done approximately 100 per cent more effectively and honestly than Flyefit. :)

  4. rotide

    Congratulations Harry on missing the point along with sisterhood.

    You are encouraging women to weightlift, that’s admirable.

    Flyefit are encouraging women to spend money in their gym which is a differernt thing altogether now isn’t it?

    Either their strategy will work and they wont care what the wimmenz think or it won’t and they will be forced to use a different approach and broadsheet can bask in the glow of being right yet again.

    1. Joe the Lion

      this is the second time I’ve found myself in agreement with rotide this week

      my dog, my dog why hast thou forsaken me!!!

    2. Small Wonder

      Congratulations to you Rotide. One of these companies can treat women with respect, the other treats them as objects. Which do you think women will respond better to?

      1. rotide

        Which do i think women will respond better to? I refer you to my original point.

        As an aside, tell me how exactly Flyefit are treating women as objects?

        1. J.K

          By zooming in on their tits and arse, are ya blind?! Shooting them in a dark sweaty environment… eh what do you associate dark sweaty environments with? Goin’ down coal pit maybe?

          It looks like the start of a soft porn escapade. I was thinking sex sex sex sex sex when I watched that. Were you thinking gym, health, fit, weight lifting… well good for you enjoy the rest of your stay in that convent.

          1. rotide

            If it was aimed at men, then maybe you’d have a point but the video seemed to be aimed squarely at women.

            /shrug, i dont see the fuss.

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