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Further to Flyefit’s ‘Girls Who Lift’ video.

Harry Leech, of Dublin’s Capital Strength gym writes:

I read the “Lifting Women” piece, and the reaction to it from (seemingly) mostly male commentors.I’ve been coaching women in Olympic Weightlifting for a decade, and this year Weightlifting Ireland sent a full team of women to the European Championships for the first time.

The benefits of weightlifting and weight-training for women arguably outweigh the benefits for men, and anything that gets women lifting weight is to be applauded – but I’m skeptical that many women will feel in any way encouraged or empowered to take up weightlifting by a video of an oiled-up woman ‘training’ in slo-mo.

So, while shamelessly plugging our own non-chain gym with our zero-budget video (above), I’d like to invite any of your female readers interested in competitive weightlifting to contact us at the link below – if you’re not close to Capital Strength I can point you in the direction of other great Weightlifting Clubs around the country.

And in the interest of equality, we’d love to hear from any interested male readers too. Boys can be strong too you know…

Capital Strength Gym, Dublin (DefyGravity.ie)

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