15 thoughts on “How Many?

  1. jonjo

    im assuming the rest of the headline, on the opposite page says “part time”. Nothing to see here.

    1. scottser

      you didn’t actually believe all that spin from FG in 2011 did you? poor you, it was a concerted attempt at pitching public and private sector workers against each other in order to justify pay cuts, longer working hours, reduce staffing levels, establish job bridge and increase taxes through the USC. don’t be so naive kong, it doesn’t suit you.

      1. donkey_kong

        ha ha – no I didn’t .I was looking for a cheap laugh , sorry :(

        As a business owner I have dealt with finance dept and I find them very professional.
        Although I think the USC is a brilliant tax , nobody escapes – If I was in power I’d scrap PRSI/PAYE and tax soley on the USC model , i@d change the scales of course. But that’s a row for another day.

  2. rotide

    Seriously, do you publish everything submitted? A jobbridge intern would spot the problem here and reject it.

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