21 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Wow. Couldn’t resist playing them all at once.
          Thanks for the toys Sheila and 3stella!
          *skips off into the short-lived sunlight*

      1. phil

        No I think it looks lovely , but if I bought one, I wouldnt have put it there …

  1. mike

    Omg, omg. There’s only one poolbeg tower left.

    “ESB to refurbish poolbeg”. That didn’t last long. And on a bank holiday weekly too. Sneaky.

    [Save Poolbeg]

  2. Selfie Sensation

    Is anybody else finding “sure where would you get it” posts insanely boring? Essentially sometimes it is sunny in Dublin (quite frequently it would seem) and the docks can look quite attractive. Equally sunsets in Mayo/Galway/West Cork are often colourful and dramatic.

    Now that we have sorted that out can we all please get on with our lives?

    1. mauriac

      maybe its an elaborate joke aimed at the navel gazing tendencies of Hibernians?

  3. Rose

    That was not the type of weather we had today in Cork. Jealous….but I did get a bit more work done than if it had been sunny!

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