The Pain Endures


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Symphysiotomy survivors and chair of the Survivors of Symphyisiotomy Marie O’Connor outside the Department of An Taoiseach last year 

RTE reports:

“A 74-year-old woman who suffered life-long pain after a symphysiotomy was performed on her 12 days before the birth of her baby in 1963 has lost her High Court action. In what was viewed as a test case for others, the woman had sued for negligence, claiming there was no justification for the controversial procedure.”

“In her action the woman claimed she suffered life-long pain and could not bond with her baby and had a nervous breakdown.

The case was heard in the High Court over 15 days. In his judgment Mr Justice Kevin Cross found that ‘the practice of prophylactic symphysiotomy in 1963 was not a practice without justification’.”

There you go now.

Woman loses symphysiotomy High Court action (RTE)

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11 thoughts on “The Pain Endures

  1. Mr. T.

    It was a form of violence again women, usually of little means.

    It’s rarely the wealthier families suffered from institutional sexual or physical abuse or medical carelessness in Ireland because the poor are always punished for being poor. They were fair game and everyone knew it.

    And Fine Gael today would have you believe little of that mindset has changed. They hate the poor they create.

  2. Jane

    That’s brilliant now, another form of medical violence against pregnant women sanctioned.

  3. Starina

    in other words, “go fupp yourself madame and go fupp yourself to anyone else seeking justice.”

    wonder if the case would have gotten the same result if the judge was female.

  4. Sinabhfuil

    Just disgusting. Women torn apart in a butchery of an operation not used in any civilised country.

    1. yrtnuocecnareviled

      Worse- we trained people to do it in developing countries. God bless the Missions.

  5. Lorcan Nagle

    I’ve heard descriptions of what some of the women who had symphisotomy forced upon them endured, and it is truly barbaric and horrifying. And while they’re not doing this any more, they’re still treating pregnant women like shit in maternity hospitals to this very day. There’s been numerous reports in recent years of women having labour induced for no reason but to speed along a perfectly healthy birth and get them out of the hospital faster.

  6. Joe Malone

    As a tax payer I am glad that the case failed. Now they will rabbit on about a moral liability now that there is no legal liability.

  7. NICE anne (dammit)

    I know the person that bows to the gutter loses the argument but…

    Fiuck you old Ireland and your suspicion and hatred of women
    Fiuck you to the church for your lack of support for women’s right cos they are probably all after your parochial houses, right?
    Fiuck you to an ignorant, outdated, bowing to the church medical profession for doing this to women
    Extra Fiuck you with bells on to women in the medical system but did not speak out on behalf of their sisters

    And FIUCK you to any members of the modern day judiciary for allowing the collective evils of the whole rotten shower to be reigned down on women. There is a special ring of Hell reserved for you shitweasels.

    Sorry for the swearing and gutter bowing.

  8. dardar

    Is this poor lady now not entitled to claim from the redress scheme that was set up for survivors?

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