Anon writes:

1000+ Waterford Institute Of Technology students and staff signed a petition to ask college authorities put up a pride flag in advance of the Marriage ref but the students were declined their request, despite Maynooth college (a bloody seminary!) allowing the pride flag to be flown on campus there. Nice little bit of fortitude from WIT SU though.

Then the dull, dour, black and white, sign below (which by itself sucks the happiness out of the universe), appeared on WIT campus. Lookit, sure we all know everyone is entitled to their opinion however, their contradictory definition of ‘equality’ needed to be rectified. So someone fixed it. Can’t be having signs which are not ‘academically’ correct hung in a 3rd level institution now can we?”



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  1. Clampers Outside!

    No to name calling… that’s what the RCC’s been doing to this country for years. Yeah, down with that, Hear, Hear!

    No to bullying… that’s what the RCC’s been doing to this country for years. Yeah, down with that, Hear, Hear!

    No to group think… that’s what the RCC’s been doing to this country for years. Yeah, down with that, Hear, Hear!

  2. Jane

    It’s very upsetting when you can’t direct the course of another person’s life without them having a point of view about it. Why can’t these no voters be left to discriminate against people in peace? All they’re asking is for the right to deny civil rights to a group of people without getting all nagged about it. Why is that so hard? The thing is, they just have very strong feelings that some people do not deserve equality and they don’t really want to get into the reasons for that, so like, shut up.

  3. scottser

    it’s nice to know that equality is something intangible and inconsistent. i feel reassured that equality is something i can either take or leave, or apply with discretion to whatever i like. equality is better as ‘more or less equal’ isn’t it? it’s so much handier, and saves all those messy arguments and ethical quandries.

  4. ahjayzis

    Groupthink is so insidious.

    Environmentalism, driving on the left, democracy, all dangerous examples of groupthink, and not societal consensus like the pinko pro-aborts and deviant fornicators would have you believe.

  5. The People's Hero

    FOr the sake of clarity, NUIM (Maynooth) and St.Patrick’s College (the seminary) are two completely seperate institutions…. It’s not really a fair comparison.

    Fly those flags with pride though…..

    1. newsjustin

      ^ This guy is right. NUI Maynooth is not a seminary. Buy that’s the kind of sloppiness one would expect from a person complaining that his college won’t humour him by flying a political flag of his/her liking.

  6. Murtles

    Yes to equality BUT No to same sex marriage.

    You see some people are just more equal than others I guess.

    But where did I hear this before? Four legs good, two legs bad, to penises/vaginas bad. There’s a book in there somewhere

  7. Ivor Biggun

    I’m 100% voting yes. I’m actively encouraging all those I know who are unsure of what to do to vote yes but in the interest of balance I think we need to allow the no supporters the freedom to campaign too. By flippantly dismissing all canvassing by the no side there’s a slight danger of putting the undecided voters off the idea of voting yes. I’ve spoken to many people I would have considered very open minded whose main concern is the effect a yes vote will have on children (despite this not being about children).

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