A ‘Neglect Of Duty’


mmolloyFr Niall Molloy

Following the publication of the McGinn review of the investigation onto the 1985 violent death of Fr Niall Molloy which highlighted  shortcomings in the initial Garda investigation.

Via Justice for Fr Niall Molloy:

The family of Fr Niall Molloy is taking a case for ‘neglect of duty’ against the Gardai for failing to properly investigate the death of the Roscommon priest 30 years ago.

Relatives of the murdered priest plan to a complain to the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) over serious shortcomings in the initial 1985 investigation, which they have described as “botched” and “shambolic”.

The shortcomings were identified by the Garda’s own Serious Crime Review Team, which re-examined the unsolved killing of the 52-year-old cleric between 2010 and 2013.

“We have carefully considered the findings of the McGinn report and the serious shortcomings identified in the initial Garda investigation, which we believe cannot now be ignored by the Garda Ombudsman,” Henry McCourt, a nephew of Fr Molloy’s, said.

“The McGinn report has only confirmed our long held opinion that the initial investigation in 1985 was botched at best and we intend to make a complaint for neglect of duty to the Garda Ombudsman.”

Family members were previously advised that they were outside the permitted time period to make a complaint. This time, however, the family believes that the McGinn findings arm them with certain new facts to take a case against Gardai.

“Based on what the McGinn report has found and other official documentation that has come to our attention we’re going to make a fresh complaint to the Garda Ombudsman, which has some discretion to consider complaints relating to cases that are more than 12 months old,” Bill Maher, another nephew of Fr Molloy’s, said.

“We have no doubt that Gardai did not investigate Fr Niall’s death properly. The shortcomings identified are so basic that we’re left wondering was it pure incompetence on the part of Gardai or has there been a cover-up,” he added.

Mr Maher said that Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan should also clarify comments that the McGinn report would bring “some comfort” to the family.

“We are confounded and deeply upset by the Garda Commissioner’s remarks. How could this report, which shows such flagrant failings in basic policing, bring us any comfort?” Mr Maher said.

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7 thoughts on “A ‘Neglect Of Duty’

  1. bisted

    …the Molloy case seems to get regular airing on Broadsheet and even though it stinks of a shaby cover-up you have to admire the tenacity of his relatives…but what of the church? Have I missed something or have the church just ignored the brutal murder of one of their own?

    1. Lilly

      Yes, you’ve missed something. A casual observation of the actions of the Church over the past few decades must have shown you that the Church is interested only in protecting its assets. People, not so much.

  2. Bill Maher

    The Church does not want to know about it. The family have never had any support from the Cardinal or Bishops. Even recently Archbishop Martin has refused to meet family members.
    A letter from the Archbishop’s Secretary in Dec 2013 states ” The Archbishop regrets that despite his sympathy for you and your family concerning the death of Fr. Niall, he is not in a position to assist you with your request”

    All the family did was request a meeting with him.

  3. Jonotti

    I wish the relatives of Molloy all the best. We need to get truth on this matter. Fair play to BS and Phoenix for keeping this story alive.

  4. Bill Maher

    The effect of fr. Niall’s death almost 30 years ago was not only to rob his family of a kind and gentle Pastor and friend but to place them under a dark cloud, which still hangs over us all to this day. Some family members fought with all their strength for justice to be done, lost their jobs and sometimes their health and their family in the process, and perhaps died before their time. There were sometimes temporary breaks in the cloud, when it looked like the truth might somehow be revealed, but which were only to be thwarted by further setbacks.
    The greatest of the many injustices done to Fr. Molloy and his family, apart from the taking of his life, was the damage done to his good name by the calculated and vicious leaking of false innuendo to sully his reputation.
    The family may have lost faith in the country’s institutions but they have never lost faith in the intrinsic goodness of the Irish people and their belief that one day someone would look to their concience, and once and for all reveal the truth.
    To facilitate this, the members of Father Niall’s family call for a full public inquiry into ALL aspects of this matter, including the roles played by the institutions of the state in preventing the truth from being revealed. Only when this has been done will the family find closure and the cloud will be lifted.

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