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Michael writes:

I am a TEFL teacher in Dublin, formerly a member of the teaching staff at the recently and scandalously closed MEC (Modern Educational Centre).
My colleagues and I had not been paid for six weeks, students lost hefty course fees of which many saved over years, and yet while all of us are left literally short-changed and betrayed by the mercenary School owners, we cannot but view this in systemic terms, because it is patently a deficiency of government regulation once again which is responsible for this the 14th EFL school closure in 12 months.
Please broadsheet readers come and support our protest going from Merrion Square, Dublin at 12 noon in the direction of Dáil Éireann!

Protest Over Language School Closures (RTÉ)

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11 thoughts on “Free Today?

  1. Joe Malone

    Teacher???? It’s “formerly”. Maybe these colleges are being closed for quality issues!

    1. Jonotti

      TEFL teachng is pretty much the lowest form of employment. Doubly so when you’re enabling a visa scam.

    2. Always Wright

      “…course fees of which many saved over years… ”
      Of which?
      Use the down-time to learn English, sweetheart.

  2. Mysteron

    Wonder will the special purpose bilateral extradition treaty put in force to get a certain shebeen lawyer hiding out in Brazil be brought into effect to bring this IEA chancer back to Ireland. Wouldn’t hold me breath…..

  3. Christopher

    I’m happy to see more of these schools close- the “student” visas that they enable has brought alot of low paid workers from south America into Dublin that are being exploited by businesses here that cant abuse the jobsbridge scheme as much as they like and are driving down wages. The immigrants themselves are happy to live 5-6 in 1/2 bedroom apartments driving up rents for everyone else. The government are only too delighted to issue as many of these visas as they can and it’s not for the betterment of Brazilians English skills!

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