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  1. Starina

    ride, blur and underworld. they should just do away with camping and do family-friendly teepees for the whole thing, as it will be nothing but drunk dads. vom

    1. gigitygigity

      seems you and the OP don’t understand the definition of dad friendly, which is in reference to the acts males having children, not the festival goers :) i can count around 5 acts who may have fathers in their band, out of over 50.

        1. Caroline

          Let’s just say I’ve managed to move on from 1995, but at the same time I doubt my enjoyment of the festival would be infringed by the presence of a few balding, noddy dad-rockers.

  2. newsjustin

    “It’s got such a laid back, friendly vibe. It’s not like other festivals.”

    1. Sam

      Who should I check out then because there’s only like 2 acts I’m interested in. I thought last year was much better.

      1. gigitygigity

        For me so far:

        Tame Impala (probably looking forward to this most)
        Hot Chip
        Future Islands (go see if just for his crazy dancing. the music is also good)
        Despacio (2many DJs and James Muprhy) I always leave 2many DJs with a smile on my face
        Jurassic 5
        Jon Hopkins
        Metz (These guys are rocking, seen them in Primavera)

        I’m hoping Tune-Yards will be added to the bill, the would be the icing on the cake :-)

        But as I’m sure other people will point out, it all depends on your taste in music at the end of the day….

      2. jeremy kyle

        All down to your own taste. I genuinely like Tame Impala the best out of that lineup, the problem is with these festivals is if you’re primarily going for the music then for a comparable amount of cash you could go over to Primavera where the lineup is much better and at which a lot of these bands will be playing anyways. Then you get to have a holiday in Spain as well.

  3. jeremy kyle

    I think it’s pretty decent in fairness, from the names that I actually recognise.

    Still not enough to make me fork over the cash.

  4. arghonaut

    Yeah: FKA Twigs, Tame Impala, Jon Hopkins, The War on Drugs, Soak… plenty of great contemporary acts. Hardly an exclusively dad-fest.

    1. LiamZero

      War On Drugs are probably the most dadrock band in the history of popular music. They are pretty much Dire Straits, Don Henley and Bruce Springsteen put into a blender.

      1. arghonaut

        haha, yeah, I’ll give you that! Don’t really know why I listed them… Point stands, though. Plenty of variety in the line-up.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    Blur, Florence, Grace, Battles, Underworld, Riptide, Manics, Interpol, Hot Chip, Ride…. I don’t expect to like everything, but that’s a decent start…. who the fupp is Sam Smith… this years Hozier or something? …who cares!


  6. phill sheehy

    huge amounts of cash leave the country at this, many irish performersand acts are paid in tickets, go figure..

    1. arghonaut

      That’s because those irish acts aren’t up to the same standard as the international ones. Music is a meritocracy if ever there was one. You can hardly blame the promoters that irish acts simply don’t attract the same crowds, and I’m in one of those irish acts who have been paid in tickets to play the festival several times. If we were drawing a crowd we would demand fair payment but we’re grateful for the privilege of having a stage at a major festival and the exposure that comes with it.

      1. gigitygigity

        Agreed, it’s not billed as an Irish festival for Irish acts. They bring the acts that are most popular, unfortunately they’re rarely Irish acts.

        1. arghonaut

          Sorry, I’m speaking outside of commercial pop circles. I don’t even count that as music. It makes it easier to go about my day…

          1. arghonaut

            Nothing is stopping an irish act from having the level of success of Tame Impala, for instance. unfortunately, the talent pool is relatively shallow here for whatever reason. I have my thoughts on that and it’s to do with imitation and lack of originality. either way, though, Irish acts tend to hit a glass ceiling more often than not and I don’t personally think it’s for want of opportunity.

          1. arghonaut

            Read my previous reply to owensie. I don’t trouble myself with that side of things. It’s not worth the headwreck. I’m speaking of genuine musicians and musicianship and the relative levels of success available to those artists. Ireland is not at a disadvantage in terms of opportunity in this field.

  7. everybody

    Since when did the line-up ever matter? Its just a fashion show / sanctioned weekend party for office workers to let their hair down in a tightly controlled manner..,..

  8. phill sheehy

    i take it you have a day job arghonaut, but for full time irish performers its hard not to have some form of other income. you see bands who are really really good, but dont get heard outside of irleand and as the pool is small here cannot be supported and need day jobs as they play for tickets, thus leaving the less time to focus on music as they have a day job.

    1. arghonaut

      I make my money from commercial music compositions and do my passion projects for myself. If people can’t earn money from their skills in the arena of music then it’s down to lack of graft or lack of talent, IMHO. Why do they not get heard outside of Ireland? It’s because they don’t resonate with enough people. If people love your music they will share it and your audience will grow as a result.

      I’m saying this from the perspective of someone who makes about 50 quid a year off my bandcamp/itunes sales. I don’t blame anyone. My music is not popular enough to make me money because not enough people love it enough. The skills I have acquired from working my ass off at engineering/production/composition allow me to make money to supplement what I love doing which I wouldn’t ever change to sell more albums. I don’t blame anyone for this circumstance. Least of all music promoters who have never pretended to be a charity for my benefit.

      If you want to fight this battle take a look at FMC and HWCH and the amateur way they’re run trying to imitate the likes of SXSW in a country where the talent pool simply isn’t there to do so. That’s a waste of tax-payers money, EP is a private enterprise.

      1. phill sheehy

        interesting you prove my point, you make commercial stuff that you are not into to fund the stuff that you love- work on the stuff you love and maybe it will reach further. go beyond band camp and i hope you make it, and that you can make your living doing the music you love . thats what i hope for in any artist.

        1. arghonaut

          ha, heard of Leonardo Da Vinci? Artists have always made commercial projects to fund their passions. I work incredibly hard on my passion projects. I hardly think that proves your point.

          I do a lot more than bandcamp, I was using that as an example to show that I do not make a huge amount of money off my music. I dedicate my life to it. Nothing else matters.

  9. Custo

    Mighty Mos Def there.

    Saw him in Vicar St a few months ago after waiting years and years. Never been as disappointed leaving a gig in my life :(

  10. Smiley Bolger

    If Irish bands spent less time on moaning and groaning and giving out and more time on their music and the hard work to get ahead, they’d be a lot happier

    Then again, most of them are rubbish to begin with – and know it.

  11. slick rick

    i saw blur and underworld headline féile 95 in cork, 20 feckin years ago!

    1. Cabra 'broombridge' West

      Me too! Feile 1995..serious weekend!!!
      I also saw them at the picnic in 2008 and they blew the roof off the
      Electric arena tent.
      Here’s hoping they do the same again this year.

  12. Avon Barksdale

    The amount of money I hear of people spending on this celebration of mediocrity is astonishing

    1. Quint

      Tickets + Drink + food + petrol to get there + miscellaneous expenses = €500 to €600. Crazy s**t.

  13. Bingo

    I think most people are going to EP to have a good time. The music is secondary.

  14. misfit

    Irish bands are usually last to be announced. They get the big international bands up first and sell the tickets and add the Irish bands in the last month/6 weeks. In fairness, there are very few Irish bands that will be playing the main stages at peak times but that’s down to demand and competition with the foreign lads. No doubt Jerry Fish will be there will bells on…
    I’m happy with the lineup, nice to see Blur and a couple of others added as I was in 2 minds whether to go or sell ticket but that’s me decided :-)

    1. Mick Flavin

      I thought the same, but maybe they’re just not a band that can be used to sell a festival? I love them.

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