Neil Before Him



CERc3uWWYAIkuSZThe eve of 1992 General Election issue of The UK Sun (top) and today’s cover (above).

Ah here.

Research by the Media Standards Trust found that 95% of the leader columns in Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid were anti-Labour ahead of Thursday’s general election, compared with 79% that were judged anti-Labour in 1992.
…Rupert Murdoch is said to have berated journalists on the Sun for not doing enough to stop Labour winning the election and warned of the consequences of a [Ed] Miliband win for the future of News UK.
Miliband has said he will take action against the amount of power wielded by Murdoch in a review of rules regulating media ownership in the UK…..

Sun has torn into Ed Miliband even more viciously than it hit Neil Kinnock (Guardian)

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43 thoughts on “Neil Before Him

  1. Grouse

    What’s wrong with what he’s doing to the sandwich? Is it the face he’s making? The sandwich looks reasonably intact; it hasn’t fallen apart in his hands or anything.

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Also no sauce dripping. If I have to vote tomorrow based solely on eating choices, I’d take this over a man who eats a hotdog with a knife and fork (!!!!!!) anyday

        1. Odis

          That’s the worst photo of Ed that’s around, Smashy. (that’s legit). So in a sense The sun are “playing their Joker”.

          Recently wags have been concentrating on Ed’s speech impediment.
          It goes like this – “Is Ed tuff enuss to run the country?”.- What japes eh.

          1. The Old Boy

            Churchill had a pretty vicious speech impediment, yet his oratory is certainly well regarded by supporters of the Tory right, at least.

  2. Stephanenny

    If you said the words “journalistic integrity” to Ruper Murdoch he’d have to google it to know what you were on about.

    1. Casey

      If you said the word “journalist” to Ruper Murdoch he’d have to google it to know what you were on about.
      He is only used to employing smut minded school boy letches, liars and muck-rakers.

  3. louislefronde

    Oh dear, have The Sun forgotten that Miliband is Jewish – the pork reference might come back to haunt them.

    1. mauriac

      wondered if the p.r. photo op with ed and bacon sarnie (that’s what I think it was amazingly) was a not so subtle message that he was a secular jew.

    2. Paolo

      He doesn’t adhere to it though. He ain’t kosher and DOES eat pork. He also works on the Sabbath.

  4. Jonotti

    People deride the lack of poicitical choice in Ireland but it’s nothing compared to the UK.

    It’s interesting to see the lib Dems face wipe out like minor coakition partners have experienced here.

    1. edalicious

      I read somewhere that all democratic systems eventually end up with just two major parties for precisely this reason. It’s why America is the way it is.

      1. Lorcan Nagle

        It’s not democratic systems, but rather voting systems where you only have one vote. The US uses the electoral college system for the presidential elections, for example – there you cast a vote for your candidate, but that vote is actually a recommendation for a group of officials to cast your state’s vote for that person, and they can ignore the population’s wish if they want to. UK elections and as far as I know US elections for lower positions are based on a first past the post system, where the person with the highest majority wins.

        Systems like this are highly vulnerable to being gamed. If you have one vote, and you vote for a fringe party, it’s effectively wasted as they’re highly unlikely to get into power. Over time, these systems tend to gravitate towards two large parties that attempt to appeal to the whole of the left or right wing.

        Proportional representation systems such as alternative vote and single transferrable vote are far more forgiving of a multiple-party system, partially because vote transfers mean you can vote for a spread of parties that coincide with your views along a spectrum, rather than picking one party that opposes the guys you oppose.

        There’s some very good videos on the differences between voting systems on this youtube channel:

    2. Don Pidgeoni

      Actually, the vote is splintering in the UK from the usual Tory/Labour. Wouldn’t be surprised if proportional representation is bought in soon.

    3. ahjayzis

      Are you serious? The Conservatives/DUP/UKIP are far, far, faaaar farther apart from Labour/SNP/Greens than Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have ever been! There’s a real choice to be made.

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        I don’t know about FF/FG but the Tories and Labour are pretty much the same party. Labour voted for most of the austerity cuts that the coalition put through and even now, their manifesto is hardly that left-leaning.

        1. Paolo

          +1 although, in fairness, Ed Miliband seems to steering Labour away from Nu Labour.

    4. Gdo

      As a UK resident, I completely and utterly disagree with you – at least there is a legitimate opposition here, not two carbon copy parties fighting it out.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Wouldn’t even allow it to incense me here, let alone buy and read the thing.

      1. Jt

        Nor that a man that broke the printing unions spews on a man whose power derides from the unions.

  5. Dave O'Hanlon

    An odious paper run owned by an odious completely self-serving-poo, surely people would see this and look to do the opposite

    1. The Old Boy

      And yet the Sun has a big circulation. Presumably its customers agree with much of its editorial line.

  6. Odis

    Rupe – Has two problems with Labour.
    1) Ed was promised to bring in legislation limiting the powers of “media moguls” in this instance to less than thirty percent of the market. The Labour party are still upset by The Beccy Brooks, text interception thing, and think Rupe got off easy under Cameron.
    2) Rupe backed Tony “the phony” Blair. And Tony didn’t sleep with Rupe’s hugely attractive young wife Wendy Deng. There were problems there. I don’t see Rupe taking the role of ancient cuckold, sitting down.

  7. wearnicehats

    Along with the “we’re No.1” disaster, The Spitting Image episode that ran before that particular election is widely thought to have been a main player in Kinnock losing. . I remember it was hugely anti-Kinnock which was amazing, both for the programme itself and also that it was allowed to be shown.

  8. Formerly known as

    Rupert used to be an Aussie. He owns 30% of the titles and 70% of the newspapers sold in Oz. His Sydney rag, has a photo of PM Kevin Rudd, with “Kick this mob out”, before the last election.

    This has some good remakes of that front page here:

    The Liberals that Murdoch supported at the last election, just happened to reduce the capability of the ‘National Broadband Network.’ Some people say that doing so, protects Murdoch’s cash cow in Australia, Foxtel cable TV, the equivalent of Sky UK.

    I just hope that with people moving away from print media, having more places to get their news, that his influence wanes.

  9. Kolmo

    Rupert Murdoch has had his fingers in every war the ‘West’ has engaged in for the past 25 years, interfering with an election in Britain is child’s play, depressingly he still has the power to sway opinion among his readers/audiences.

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