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Mark ‘Comedy’ Kelly.

Does he make you laugh?

Mark writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I did some stand up comedy last night [at the Ha’penny Laugh Comedy Club, Wellington Quay, Dublin] I would love to know what your readers think.
It is still a little raw around the edges but I talk about people who annoy me the up coming marriage referendum and little bit on billionaires…


Mark ‘Comedy’ Kelly

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29 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Liam from Lixnaw

    sorry, I couldnt make it to the “marriage referendum and little bit on billionaires” bit

    1. Mark Kelly

      Worse than Escobar’s in the 94 world cup that ultimately led to his murder by the drugs cartel…..dang

      1. Mani

        I’m a little lost with regard to people getting into stand-up. It’s a horrible thing to put yourself through, even when you’re really good, never mind when you’re just mediocre. So, if you’re genuinely looking for feedback………..I’d not pursue this any more as anything other than a hobby. If it makes you happy, what harm. Your material is, ah, rough and not particularly original. You have no comic timing, but maybe if you practice your routine more that’ll materialise. You need a closer for your set that kills. You don’t. People will forget 5 minutes of crap if you can leave them with a good laugh. Basically, once you’ve done your routine a few times, eradicate any bit that does not get a laugh or a titter. It’s not the audience, it’s you. And ditch the ‘Is it me or does anyone….’ comedy. It’s hackey. Observational humour works on the basis that we all have a commonality of thought or experience, but that is a shallow well to draw from and there have been plenty of comics there before you. Pretty much most of the time, it is your experience, not others.

        Anyway, good luck.

  2. jeremy kyle

    I respect anyone with the balls to do stand up, but I think the routine needs more work before unleashing it on BS.

  3. Mikeyfex

    The material could be made funny if you worked on a delivery that didn’t sound like a fella trying stuff at a house party. That, along with the breathing just needs work and practise. And fair play for just ploughin on when some things fell flat.

    1. Mark Kelly

      I do largely agree with your assessment. I’ve only done it a few times previously so of course it is rough around the edges and you get a bit of an adrenaline dump when you go on stage. I was conscious that I should perform it a little bit slower.

    1. Mark Kelly

      Don’t worry Alex my self of sense worth isn’t tied to the opinions of strangers on the internet…….and may I add thankfully judging by these comments ;)

  4. JimmytheHead

    Soft comedy never won any prizes markus. Well done for having the balls to step upto the plate, but if you want to make a career out of it you need to offend a few people.

  5. Pol

    All good except for the material and delivery. Seriously though, work on your voice and slow the fupp down.

  6. Domestos

    I laughed. Imagine wanting to know what the BS commentariat thinks. Might watch the clip later.

  7. Gers

    Dont quit the day job just yet, didnt laugh once im afraid, it was very predictable and run of mill jokes.

  8. Gaz

    Good job Mark! Some genuinely funny moments and good energy. Just chill the beans, and work on the breathing a bit. I particularly enjoyed the billionaire bits. Keep working on the material and keep up the good work!

    1. Mark Kelly

      Cheers Gaz thank you for that and I certainly will work on those points you mentioned.

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