Do You Know Miss Grace?


GraceM card(1)

Lost her cards.

No disgrace.

Helen writes:

This morning a bank card and other important cards belonging to ‘Grace’ were found on Arkle Road, Sandyford Dublin 18.
We think the owner was heading in the direction of the Luas. They were handed into reception at Millbank House on Arkle Road (opposite Microsoft). Perhaps the owner will see this and she can come in and collect them?

5 thoughts on “Do You Know Miss Grace?

  1. FrPhelim

    Better there handed into an AIB branch who will have direct contact details for the owner.

    1. dailymail

      A bank having the details of a card owner on file. Crazy stuff altogether. Is this the end of broadsheeeet?

  2. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    You can just ring the bank, post it to them and they should forward it to her. Unless she’s canceled it…It’s not over yet Grace.

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