17 thoughts on “Not Itsy Not Bitsy

  1. Don Pidgeoni

    Yes. Burn down your house. Then burn the neighbourhood. People will understand.

  2. Mr. T.

    Spiders are attracted to sugar in the blood. If you’ve had a nice big desert or alcohol in the evening, then the spiders in your house (average 200 per house) will gnaw through brick to get to your open snoring mouth.

  3. Brian S

    Looks like a false widow. Had one on the wall of the apartment before Xmas. Nearly moved out and burned the place down. Decided to stay.

      1. MajorThrill

        Yeah, I’m with the crowd on the False Widow thing. Less so with the killing bit.

    1. Mr. T.

      The fashion for using ‘So’ at the beginning of a statement is a favourite of young folk who are trying to command a dialogue.

      It’s very MBA.

  4. pedeyw

    I’ve said this before about a spider but I say we take off, nuke the sight from orbit.

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