This is Not A Rebel Song



Declan O’Rourke and friends – The Children Of ’16

Performed and specially written for yesterday’s service for the 40 children who lost their lives during the Easter Rising.

The Ecumenical Service of Commemoration for the Children Killed in the Easter Rising will be broadcast on  Sunday at 11am on RTÉ One and 11.45am on RTÉ Radio 1Extra.


Yesterday ’16 And Under

Thanks Ann Louise Foley

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10 thoughts on “This is Not A Rebel Song

    1. Digs

      I think Damo is slightly more successful though. I do think Decco is better, but I reckon Damo is happy to avoid been Decco. Perhaps Damo and Decco could start a super group and recruit Bono and J-LO. Now there’s a record I’d buy!

      1. BadTimeGarda

        Damo and Deco are actually mates , They’ve played a good few times together already… I’d agree damo would have loved to write something like this though. That said I’m sure deco would love to have penned a few of Damo’s

  1. BadTimeGarda

    That would be an ecumenical matter……

    This is really fantastic stuff though… Good man Declan.

  2. ZeligIsJaded

    Can’t wait to hear it played over a video of the president standing in front of the tricolour holding a wreath next to a load of soldiers in uncomfortable looking wooly green army uniforms, speaking as gaeilge about sacrifice.

    That’s entertainment.

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