De Saturday Papers


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MORE to folly.

Covers to

Thanks Mark Costello (The Irish Field); Dermot Ahern (Irish Examiner); Geoff McGrath (Irish Daily Mail), Niamh McEneaney (Irish Mirror) and Mick Kelly (Bishopstown and Ballingcollig News); Nick Sutton and Neil Henderson (UK papers)

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10 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Kieran NYC

    Whoever planned for the election result to be on VE-Day is a devious bastard.

    Fair play!

  2. Tá Frilly Keane

    “Fear and Grievance won”

    Russell Brand needs to do another feature length under that title and premise

    Because that’s exactly what happened on Thursday

    And its going to happen here next year

    If ye let it

      1. Tá Frilly Keane

        I do

        Behind closed doors
        Most of us
        Would begrudge and seek to deny
        The effort and contribution required
        To bring people out of poverty
        Off Hospital waiting lists
        From hostels into homes

        And that’s a fact

        1. Joe the Lion

          Jaysus that’s some statement

          I’m not saying I disagree but certainly I prefer to think otherwise

        2. More_Bermuda_Than_Berlin

          Unfortunately, I have to agree.

          The Tories tactic of frightening the bejaysus out of voters and appealing to the reptilian part of people’s brains has given Kenny & Noonan a perfect template for GE16.

          Maybe Inda and Baldy might get even more bullish now after seeing how well Cameron has done, and call an election in the Autumn, in the hope that they too might get a one-party, right-wing Government here.

  3. mthead

    Citizen Kenny looks like he’s really motivated after seeing all those Liam Neeson films.

  4. Sham Bob

    ‘The Strange Death of Liberal Britain’ – headline ignores the fact that Liberalism – as opposed to the Liberal Democrats -scored a massive victory in Scotland.

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