Not A Fig Was Given


Buzz O’Neill tweetz;

Whit woo.. New marriage equality mural on Copper alley, Temple Bar, Dublin. (Artist unknown)

CEjrSgJWoAAHdpXThis morning.

The Wallace Tavern at the entrance of the Italian Quarter, Ormond Quay, Dublin.

Thanks Odockatee


Michelle Frasier writes:

Found on this morning’s walk: Francis St Dublin 8 declares Yes!

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14 thoughts on “Not A Fig Was Given

    1. newsjustin

      100% gay marriedness for everyone. I already feel about 20% gay married. Thanks Broadsheet.

  1. Smashmouth

    We get it BS

    You’re pro the Yes vote

    Can we get back to things that look like Ireland and missing bikes now?

    If I wanted to be told how to vote id buy The Sun

    1. Brown dogg

      . . . or browse broadsheet, the journal, the irish times, irish independent . . . yep! I don’t think you really have a choice with this vote. You’ve bin told to vote yes, and you’ll vote yes, cause you ain’t got no other choice.

    1. PPads

      It’s Micheál and Jonathan actually. Back in the day, neither family approved of mixed marriages so they were forced to emigrate.

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