Malahide Cricket Club this morning, top, and President Michael D Higgins greeting England’s cricket captain James Taylor

Ireland is playing England in a one-off One Day International (ODI) in Malahide today.

And it’s JUST started.

Follow RTÉ’s live commentary here

Pic: Simon Mann and Sky Sports Cricket


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19 thoughts on “Howyazat

  1. rotide

    considering Englands main team is busy getting beaten by the west indies, we should have a decent chance in this

          1. rotide

            56 runs between the wickets (or ‘points’ ) for the loss of 4 batsmen after 18 sets of six deliveries.


    1. The Old Boy

      That Ireland and England could play cricket in a spirit of friendly rivalry? Yes, I think it was.

  2. pissedasanewt

    Cricket in May in Ireland.. Rain affected Draw. Actually, make that May, June, July, August, September, October.. all other months its bad light stops play.

  3. Rose

    Grrrr. Prices for bagels (in the local coffee shop) have been hiked up for the day that’s in it €€€

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