Karl’s iOS and Android Irish-Made App Of The Day: KillBiller


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With the news that Three is planning to hike the cost of it’s sim-only bill-pay plan by 25% in June, your mind might turn to switching plans.

The National Consumer Agency says that people save an average of €24 a month by switching plans, but few do so.

Enter Daniel McCarthy of KillBiller:

A primary reason why people don’t switch is confusion in selecting the right plan.KillBiller is a mobile application that analyses users’ actual phone usage against all of the plans available from Irish operators.

The app takes details of the calls, messages and data used by you on your phone and, based on this, calculates how much you would have spent on each plan.

Having found the right plan, KillBiller offers users the convenience of switching networks within the app.

Years ago I wrote some scripts to do something similar and the end result was a horrid mess that just about worked. In comparison, what the KillBiller guys have done is slick and actually useful to normal humans.

Killer name also.

Kill Biller is available now on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

3 Ireland to hike mobile bills by 25pc just months after €850m O2 buyout

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18 thoughts on “Karl’s iOS and Android Irish-Made App Of The Day: KillBiller

  1. Zod

    why yes, random person on the internet, please have all of my metadata for purposes unknown after you have told me to swap to a cheaper bill.

  2. Mr. T.

    Quick Threecare, get your spin-bots on here to refute all possible negative coverage.

    1. Holden MaGroin

      They should probably start by changing their name from Threecare to something not poo.

  3. Odis

    I’ve got a Nokia 635 on “3 – Pay to Go” – Its a great little phone. Does anyone give me any information on how to unlock it.

  4. Medium Sized C


    What is wrong with that?
    Or does someone think that cent is shortened to pc?

  5. MotorCyclist

    Right, I’m with 3 ever since I was with O2 and they got bought up. My contract is up and this App tells me a ‘1 month’ contract with 3 is best for me, BUT [the thing is] the handset I want for the price I want requires a 24 month contract. More info please KillBiller!

    On a sidenote, I’m on a iPhone 5 but sick of the battery issues. Strongly thinking of Android, anyone gone for the SWITCH?

    1. ScutterThePants

      Yes! Went for the Samsung S5. Streets ahead in my opinion. The S6 is available now which I can only assume is another few streets further again!

    2. Odis

      Check out Windows phone before you go for Android. I’ve got both, albeit phones of moderate cost. The lack of Apps which is a complaint often leveled against Windows means that Microsoft and Nokia have had to write a lot of stuff. As opposed to the majority of the crap on Android. It all works together brilliantly. And the battery seems to last twice as long. And many of the great Android Apps like “Dropbox” now run on Windows phone.

    3. Mikeyfex

      Do HTC m9 or something, if not windows. You’ll wonder what the fuss is with iphones.

      The M9 is pricey, M8, less so.

      1. Kieran NYC


        I managed to get a Google Edition of the M8. Great phone. Shame Google are stopping the Editions…

    4. rotide

      You’ll have battery issues on any smart phone. I’ve had every type and they all come down to charging it at night.

      At this point, Android and iPhone do pretty much the same things. It just comes down to taste. If you prefer the apple UX, then stay with it. I personally prefer android, you just need to find your preference and stick with it really because its a pain in the hoop to switch between platforms often

    5. Daniel

      You can buy the phone Sim-free and then you will able to avail of the 1 month contract option.
      Here’s a recent blog post we did on the best, high quality, low-cost smartphones to buy in 2015
      Hope you find it useful.

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