Photoshopperty Bubble


Currently a pristine 2 bed home with planning permission to extend into a large 3 bed with double story extension.

Kickham Road, Inchicore (MyHome)

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11 thoughts on “Photoshopperty Bubble

  1. Anne

    260k for 689 ft² of a house.. I’ve owned sheds that were bigger.

    689 ft². Standard semi is typically about 1200 sq ft.

    Not to mind the imaginary pics, but the current ones are distorted to make the rooms look bigger.
    They’re gonna be tiny at 689 sq ft.

    260 fupping K.. Jaaaaazus

    1. Clampers Outside!

      “Anne And The 689sq Foot Shed”

      No one ever entered, no one ever came out…..

      *sets up stall at the end of Anne’s garden, paints sign*

      ‘€10 Prize To Anyone Willing To Find Out What Anne gets Up To In A 689sq Foot Shed’

      1. Mysterymeat

        It’s the 1200sqft semi I’d be concerned about. You’d need some underpants to contain that!

  2. turgidson

    The CGI renders of the rear of the house seems to show the neighbour’s enthusiasm from your new extension is so great that they decided to paint their houses the same colour (and get the same windows).

    1. Ms Piggy

      they got their roofs done too – on both sides. That’s some friendly street.

  3. Spammer

    A call to all suckers. Roll up, roll up. Invest in the dream! (reap the reality)

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