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Tom Maguire and ‘Simba’ at Merrion Square, Dublin yesterday for a Yes Equality event organised by LGBT noise.


If your pet had a vote in the forthcoming referendum, how would it cast its vote.

With its paws.

But seriously.

Send your Pets For Yes/Pets For No to broadsheet@broadsheet marked My Pet’s For Yes/My Pet’s For No where appropriate.

Fish, rabbits and hamsters/gerbils also welcome.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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9 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Pat-The-Barker

    This is great, he will be able to marry his dog (be it male or female) after the 22nd.

  2. TK ickle

    And why not?

    I personally have nothing against it, if the horse/dog etc is enjoying itself.

    Not my thing but it takes all sorts as they say.

    I still think the whole blokes in Nappys thing is a bit weird.

  3. Aoife

    This is my friend Tom who is “civil partnered” to one of my best and oldest friends, James. I’m voting YES so they can be married, *just like the rest of us*. Ignore the immature, hateful comments guys, we love you.

  4. James Shannon

    This is my Civil Partner (rolls off the tongue right!) and my dog. Two things of which I could not love more on the planet even if I tried. We have been together for 8 years, civilly partnered for 4, and fingers crossed in 2016 we will be able to marry. For those of you who have commented with unkind words, I ask you to rethink what you have said, and on the impact of what you have said, I had to wait several days before I could comment myself. For those of you who have commented with kinds words thank you. So far, people I’ve spoken to, my family, friends, those who understand the importance of civil marriage v’s civil partnership have all pledged to vote yes, and that for me is a secondary precious validation of my relationship with someone I love.
    Having to say Civil Partner, and explaining that it’s a man, and how long we’ve been together feels like having to come out over and over and over again, where’as the word husband will bring a nice civil end to how I introduce him to others without embarrassing questions or awkward silences. That’s how I feel, and why this vote matters to those people who don’t want to have to come out over and over again, and enjoy the civil protection that same sex relationships (should) have.

    Please vote, and please vote wisely.

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