We Can See Your Hailo



You wait around for ages.

Dublin 6 this evening.

Thanks Annie



Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ One tonight.

Wayne F writes:

Is Rod Stewart on the No side (3rd row far left)?

He’s changed his tune.

Blummin’ longhair.

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22 thoughts on “We Can See Your Hailo

  1. You People!

    That is definitely Rod Stewart in the bottom picture, no mistake.
    The bigger question is ‘Why was Wayne F watching RTÉ?’

    …And as an addendum, I’ve seen that taxi cruising around Dublin recently. (fnarr, fnarr!)

  2. Conski

    He’s parked 2ft away from the curb and parked contra-flow, I’m gonna vote ‘no’ if this is what the bloomin referendum could lead to.

    1. Joe the Lion

      Interesting thought. I watched it and I must admit Mullen did his job extremely well. Coventry was ok but must have appeared angry to the undecideds watching, there was a lot of finger pointing and raised voice.

      1. Joe the Lion

        2 -3 em ;)
        Her ma, meself and Fluter Bad

        I was an outlier last night though and will not be distorting the mean like that again.

  3. yadayada

    Simon Coveney’s performance as orator was poor.

    Minister FitzGerald and Junior Minister O’Riordain as equality ministers should be more vocal on the issue, although the former was not very strong on Prime Time.

    The No side look and sound loopier by the day.

  4. Eoghany

    I was encouraged to see Coveny raise his voice and point his finger, what’s wrong with this? I thought he’s just too timid to go head to head with Mullen, but I was pleasantly surprised by his performance.

    1. Joe the Lion

      It was ok the first time he did it, but when repeated it gave the impression (just my thought) of someone getting angry and hectoring both his opponent and the audience. I have to say I felt a bit of sympathy for him. Mullen was very polished and consistent in his hate speech. This is where Byrne really let herself down. She had several opportunities to challenge Mullen on the wackiness of his presentation and the flimsy pretexts on which he based his arguments and unilaterally failed on each time to do so.

  5. Eulich McGee

    I had to turn off, the main arguement from the NO side is that a child needs a mother and a father. As someone brought up by a single parent it makes me physically sick when I hear this, it is not only insulting gay parents, it is insulting single parents, to me it is belittling my mother.

    I agree that children need a mixture of strong role models from both sexes, however they do not have to be genetic parents. Teachers, members of social groups, activity leaders, relatives and family friends can often provide much more support than a parent. Who needs a straight genetic father who works 60 hours every week and never gets home before bedtime when you could have a good teacher or grandparent who will always put your welbeing first and teach you how to be a good person.

    1. sam

      So you won’t stand for anyone belittling your mother, but you’ve noproblem belittling fathers who can’t get home from work in time to see their kids? And you’ve no issues at all, right?

    2. Stewart Curry

      I’m sure your fictional dad working 60 hours a week would much rather be putting his kids to bed but is working his ass off to make sure the kid isn’t going to bed hungry.

  6. grandthanks

    The result of this debate in my section of 5 women was to turn 3 of them to no voters because of how surrogacy laws are going to change to include 3 parent families and women selling their babies.

  7. Derval

    As an Irish man married to an American man and living in USA I watched the Claire Byrne show and was left feeling like it was very damaging to the Yes side.
    I think the Yes side really need to focus on one huge thing.
    The message is being put out there that male/female couple make better parents than two people of the same sex.
    This is basically what the “every child is entitled to a mother and a father” argument boils down to.

    The Yes side should:
    Get as much evidence as they can that shows that being raised by two parents of the same gender is completely harmless.
    Get as many people as possible who have been raised by two parents of the same gender.
    Get them to tell their stories, as rich and varied as they are.
    Get as much valid scientific research as possible that shows that this is harmless.
    This evidence probably needs to be shown on a prime time RTE current affairs programme.
    Putting it on the internet is probably going to miss a lot of the people who spend hardly any time online and these are the people who really need to be convinced that homosexual people are really, actually ok.

    And simply ask the No side at every opportunity – “Do you think a male/female couple make better parents than two people of the same sex?”
    But I suppose they will just say that they believe children require both a feminine and a masculine parent.
    The Yes side need to come up with a convincing reply to this from people who were raised by same-sex couples – explaining how they turned out to be normal and happy.

    By the way, the guy from Massachussetts was quite clearly being homophobic. Mullen was flinching when he was speaking but nobody got a chance to respond to him.

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