20 thoughts on “Lig. É. Dul.

  1. Laughter Tack.

    The gaelgor mentality… Put Irish in it must make it “better”.

    Also, any Irish business. “Just stick an Irish word on it”.

    I love this island nation.

  2. Rob_G

    Your kid is going to be so thrilled in 10 years’ time when he sees this video of him singing that song with that barnet.


    1. sickofallthisbs

      I think the video was posted so that the parent get some sort of praise – aren’t I great rearing this little thing who can sing that or they are saying “Look at me, I procreated!”


  3. Bruce Wee

    ah be nice, that’s my son….no seriously…it is….At his granny 85th birthday party and forced to sing for dinner.

    1. scottser

      could be worse mate, you could be called a breeder or somesuch. it’s all a bit gay here at the minute.
      btw your nipper is very cute,

      1. Bruce Wee

        Cheers. In fairness valid points all around on this one. Think my wife tweeted it to BroadSheet and sure here we are chatting about it. Not really news worthy…slow news day….what with another earthquake and all….so passe

  4. Orla

    I’m voting YES on the presidential referendum so this dude can take over from Squee. He’s AWESOME!

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