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  1. Atticus

    Replacement pin? Brendan O’Connor just told him to take it off, he didn’t confiscate it!

  2. p

    Regardless of his own views, isn’t this a government minister who deliberately breached legislation to provide for a fair and impartial referendum debate whilst on government business?

      1. ivan

        yes, and they can spend party money to push for such a vote. The McKenna judgement means that they can’t use taxpayers money to advocate a vote one way or the other, and so the only literature paid for by the state about the referendums is the Refcon booklet.

        1. Clive Northwood

          It’s his own money though….which is taxpayer money…..but he’s in a party, so is it also party money?

          *head explodes*

  3. Wall Peller

    Drama, drama, drama. That’s all we’re getting from the Yes side. I had intended on voting yes but I’m really sick of this being pushed in my face everywhere I look. 90% of people I know couldn’t care less whether LGBT get married or not but will be voting no because they don’t like the “persecuted souls” attitude of the majority of Yes campaigners. You are now persecuting people like me. Christ, I cannot wait for this referendum to be over.

    1. JimmytheHead

      Careful watching tv later – you might watch an overly pushy drink driving ad and decide to run over a bunch of people.

      You know, because of the gays.


      1. Wall Peller

        “Because of the gays”, there’s my case in point. You do yourselves no favours.

        1. jeremy kyle

          If you want to be a moron and make this a decision based on how you perceive the actions of the people campaigning and not the actual issue itself then that’s on you, nobody else.

          1. Wall Peller

            “If the shoe fits”, I’m not into that kind of stuff but if you like sticking shoes and rodents where the sun don’t shine then continue to do so in the privacy of your own home.

        2. scottser

          i see the gays have stolen your sense of humour too. go ahead and vote no dude, it’s your right to be wrong.

    2. Seriously

      Really? All I’m getting in my face is persecuted No-Voters, No-Posters, People ‘Too Afraid to say they’re voting No’ Etc.

      I just try to shut it all off, ignore the noise and vote based on the facts.

  4. Don Pidgeoni

    “will be voting no because they don’t like the “persecuted souls” attitude of the majority of Yes campaigners. You are now persecuting people like me.”


          1. ahjayzis

            We don’t want your kind around here. Bang of incense and candles off ya! Durt burd!

        1. rotide

          Because Don is genuinely considered to be a masculine prefix and name.

          But you knew this.

          1. jeremy kyle

            And a play on Paul Weller isn’t? Either way, who fuppin’ cares. You can all but start putting Mister or Miss at the start of ye’re usernames is ye’re worried about it.

            We’ve overfed this troll (I don’t mean you, Rotide). Let’s just go back to making puns.


          2. Wall Peller

            Get back to work Jeremy, or study, or if you neither study nor work then go look for a job you waste of human life. Wall 10-0 Broadsheet Yes voters. That is all.

  5. Fergus the magic postman

    I was going to vote No, but I tired very quickly of Wall Peller’s comments in this thread, so I’m voting Yes instead.

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        To be entirely honest, I was never going to vote no. I wouldn’t dream of being so dismissive of the equal rights of other living beings, but that’s just me.

        And you were never going to vote Yes, & you’re a troll. That says a lot about you.

  6. kiora

    There was no need for you to take it of in the first place, ye twonk.. very compliant…

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