John Gallen writes:

Here’s something to distract from the referendum. This correction arrived with the IW [Irish Water] bill. They couldn’t even get their own bank IBAN number right for the first bill to users. That wouldn’t be the worst if it wasn’t for it being the second bill to this address. The first addressed to a Brennan or somebody….  Not really instilling any faith in IW at all, still fumbling about…. fupp sake >*

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20 thoughts on “Correction

  1. rotide

    I know beggars can’t be choosers, but Irish Water?

    We gave you a very long list of acceptable referendum distractions yesterday and this is the best you can come up with?

    Are we to depend on the mani/clamper’s ma subplot for the next three weeks?

  2. sue

    I live in a house that is divided into 3 dwellings. Got 4 bills. One for each flat and one for the house as a whole.

    1. TheDude

      put on the green shirt and pay them all Sue! Thats four more payments they can add to their tally that they will publish any day now …..

  3. newsjustin

    The bill is correct, I think. But the IBAN is wrong on page 18 of the “Helpful Information” booklet that came with it.

    That’s soooooo sloppy. Proof read it!!! And particularly the long, easy to get wrong numbers!!

      1. HappyDub

        Seeing as you don’t mind paying more than once for water, will you pay mine as well? Thanks.

  4. Murtles

    Meh, I’ll still not pay them, correct bank account or incorrect bank account. Slash that friggin USC and I’ll think about it.

    1. 15 cents

      theyd need to cut the USC altogether if they want me to pay for water. even then i probbaly wont, coz once they have everyone signed up theyll start puttin up the prices.

  5. 15 cents

    i havent gotten a bill yet. they havent asked me to sign up either. i bet ill get a bill in a few weeks demanding huge amounts. the whole irish water thing is SO irish from top to toe.

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