28 thoughts on “Dear Prurience

    1. pedeyw

      Seems to me like the please get in touch is addressing the relative, not Kenny. It’s still non of our business but at least it’s slightly less intrusive.

  1. HappyDub

    I met a fella in the George last week, he had red hair, kept going on about all the extra money he had because of his uncle.

    He was holding 2 pints of Carlsberg.

  2. YourNan

    I am sure the “distant relative” is positively thrilled with the attention this is gonna bring.

  3. Avon Barksdale

    But really though, aren’t ALL of us members of his extended family? Did he just call me gay?

  4. Tá Frilly Keane

    What business is it of Mary Minivans

    Who does she think she is for Christ’s sake

    And like
    Maybe being outed

    As a relative of Edna
    Is sum’ting they might consider invasion of privacy

  5. Rapscallion

    Of course he has. There can hardly be a single (or married) person in the country who doesn’t have several. If you’re not aware of them, take a long look at yourself. It just might be you.

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