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Ciaran Tierney tweets:

A view from 1923? ’33? ’43? No. One of our esteemed (Galway) City Councillors speaking in 1993, as spotted in this week’s @CTribune archives

Good luck with that.

(Thanks Darren Conlon)


Health Minister Leo Vardakar

Irish Times columnist Miram Lord writes:

“Leo’s brave declaration will also put a stop to the gallop of the gossipmongers.
It is true that certain media organisations have been itching to “out” him. Queries were regularly submitted to his department seeking information about his personal life. Certain photographers were keeping an eye on his movements. He had to time his announcement between health controversies. He had a small window of opportunity yesterday. For those aware of where his interview was heading, it made for difficult listening.”




Miriam Lord: Brave Leo Varadkar gives it to us straight (Irish Times)

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland