18 thoughts on “Outside The Box

  1. Mr. T.

    There’s a homeless guy on Baggot Street who feeds the meters for people in the offices. He even holds their keys for them.

    They all think it’s really cute and they can’t believe how honest he is.

    The f**pping smug w******.

  2. stretch

    The VW jeep parking is disgraceful, the Qashqai maybe not. Did anyone think it may be parked in that position because of a car parked beside it previously forcing it into a similar position? Very quick to jump to conclusions us Irish folk…

    1. yrtnuocecnareviled

      How would they park in half-a-space?
      They should have parked between the lines of the next available space

      1. stretch

        Let me outline this step by step for you:
        1. Its a dark miserable day, a mother (or father) may want to park as close as possible to the entrance to tesco
        2. All the spaces close by the entrance are taken except one
        3. This particular space spreads over the line between 2 spaces, due to the cars being parked in similar positions next to her space. This was probably started by one person’s irresponsible parking or maybe even a trolley left sitting over a line or even a motorbike taking up half a space, who knows.
        4. She/he parks in the only spot available even though it is on a line between 2 spaces.
        5. Someone with a camera/phone who reads BS takes a photo and brandishes her/him an irresponsible driver.
        A little unfair – do you not agree?

          1. yrtnuocecnareviled

            Lots of people would skip the half-space. For the rest of the day there will be one less space near the door as a handful of people would park over the line if they saw the chance.

  3. TheMightyOne

    there may have been snow covering the markings when they parked which since melted

    1. ahyeah

      Or they have been wearing spectacles with white lines across the lenses, making it impossible to determine which was the necessary-to-adhere-to white line.

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