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event island

Using our success in sport as leverage to sell the sod as an event destination?

Fáilte Ireland will open the 2015 Sport Tourism European Summit in Thomond Park, County Limerick, this morning with a montage of Irish hospitality, passion and overachieving sporting greatness.

Miriam Kennedy of Fáilte Ireland writes:

It’s a pleasure to launch this video and present a snapshot of all that is good about Ireland.  The purpose of “Ireland – The Event Island” video is to act as a key tool when selling Ireland as an event destination overseas.  We believe it evokes a great sense of pride and hope that it will be used to profile, promote and pitch all that Ireland has to offer within the event space

*Wipes tear*

*stops peeling onion*

Sport Tourism European Summit

Fáilte Ireland

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14 thoughts on “Setting The Stage

  1. Wayne.F

    Actually like that! Odd do that the most popular participation sport on the island has the smallest representation in the video

  2. No, Your Name

    That’s Limerick City. (Surely) Ya wouldn’t say the Aviva or Croaker are in County Dublin in fairness.

    1. ahjayzis

      It’s hard not to snigger referring to anywhere outside Dublin as a ‘city’ though, in fairness ;o)

        1. ahjayzis

          No sorry, let me clear that up for you – I meant the ‘cities’ in *Ireland* that where they in England or France would be classed as medium sized towns at best ;o)

          I wasn’t talking about Tokyo.

          1. No, Your Name

            ‘Were they’ I guess you mean. Ah, again you’re right. What gas craic we have in Dublin, sniggering about places in Ireland being called cities that wouldn’t be called cities if they weren’t in Ireland.

          2. Janet

            Ah come on its not a snigger just a fact, thought the same thing last time got off the train in Galway, I’d be happy with town.

          3. ahjayzis

            It is pretty gas alright! Glad you saw the humorous side of it, your not a bad lad. Only taking the piss, though to be honest I still wouldn’t live there.

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