22 thoughts on “When You Can Marry But Your Parents Cannot

  1. Not Gerry Adams

    the cut of yer man with the dreadlocks. would he not have smartened himself up for the video?

  2. Nansen

    That short haired girl is a QT I’m voting yes :( also dreadlocks should be made illegal have a referendum for that next please :)

  3. Rob_G

    Jaysus – the ‘No’ side shouldn’t have bothered with the stock image of the the parents and baby, a screen-grab of your man with the dreadlocks would be enough to turn even the most committed ‘Yes’ voters off the concept…

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Look at them there with their extra limbs and their nurtured obsceneness derived from having missing one proper parent.

    These kids are all going to grow up fupped up in the head ya know.

    #VOTEYES for extra limbs and fupped-upness!

  5. paul

    Can I vote without my polling card and just use my passport, I’ve just moved recently.

    1. ThePeoplesHero

      You don’t need your polling card. Just your ID – passport is perfect. Once you’re on the live register, you’ll be grand.

    2. Anne

      I dont think so, I could be wrong now.. but why would they bother with polling cards if your passport would do you.

      Change of address: If you are on the Register of Electors but have moved address from one Dáil or local authority constituency to another, you may apply for entry to the supplement to the Register at the new address by completing an application form RFA3. Click here to download form RFA3.


      You could also collect your polling card from the old address and go to that area’s polling station.. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to do it that way.. but your vote would be included.

    3. Fig leaf

      Paul, if you call your county council they will give you a voting number, you can use this number and your id to vote. This advice goes to all those who haven’t received their polling cards too

    4. Der

      Hi Paul, you can absolutely vote without your polling card. Checktheregister.ie and rock up to the polling booth with a photo ID – done!
      Happy voting!

  6. Ppads

    This is great. Let’s now see the parents of gay children. Let’s hear their hopes dreams and fears. The big finger could point at you one day because it could be your child. What will you feel when they ask you which way you voted?

    1. rotide

      Who exactly are you talking to?

      The 99% of people reading this that are going to vote yes or the 1% who are going to vote no no matter what you say?

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