Meanwhile, In Times Square


George Takei_Stephen O'farrell (1)

Last night.

Times Square, New York City.

Stephen O’Farrell writes:

I’m an Irish expat who grew up in Dublin and have lived in New York for the past five years. Being away from home, I really wanted to find a way to help with the YES campaign in Ireland.
Tonight the perfect opportunity arose while I was working with George Takei on a film shoot in Time Square. He and his husband Brad mentioned that they have been following the gay marriage referendum in Ireland closely and were looking for a way to show their support. Fortunately, I happened to have two Yes Equality signs with me…

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42 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Times Square

    1. Mé Féin

      Being away from home, I really wanted to find a way to help with the YES campaign in Ireland.
      He could help even more by getting on a plane to actually vote.

    1. St. John Smythe

      The middle of the shop floor at BT2 on the first morning of Sales Season?

  1. Lordblessusandsaveus

    Can’t stand the use of ‘Ex Pat’ among the Irish. You’re not all colonial civil servants working in British India and living in a Graham Greene novel. Get over yourselves. And you’re certainly not the first generation to emigrate. We’ve been there, bought the T-Shirt long before you and to much more exotic places than another western English speaking country.

    Well done on the Yes support all the same.

    (Ah you’re all conflicted now… oh he’s such a moan but he supports the Yes campaign).

    1. Yes!

      Wait, what t-shirt? The one from the Graham Greene novel you visited? Sounds deadly!

    2. Desert Fox

      Ex-pat is the correct term.
      It doesn’t lump you in with all teh Irish living there but lumps you in with all teh people from overseas living there.
      Where I am I consider myself,. the British, the americans, australians, indians, etc living here as part of the ex-pat community.

        1. AhHereLeaveItOut

          This. E.g. If you’re a white foreigner living in Africa (as I am): expat, but African foreigner living in Europe/US: immigrant

  2. Digs

    Stephen once stole a collection of CDS on me once, didn’t you Stephen? Hopefully though a photo with an old actor will swing the vote. Great work Stephen. You’re an inspiration to us all.

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