18 thoughts on “Equaller Than Thou

  1. Old Man

    It’s going to be hilarious to see people celebrating a victory for equality on Friday when the people will have voted in favour of institutionalised ageism on the same day.

    Yes Equality – just not if you want to run for office, get the same social welfare or wages as anybody else etc.

    1. jeremy kyle

      I’m voting for yes and I’ve talked amongst my friends about it, I think it’s fairly easy to make the case for a yes. I think will be a no though as a lot of people simply haven’t thought about it enough, if at all and most really just don’t care.

      Some people think voting yes means we instantly get a 21 year old president, a person that age still needs to get nominated by at least 4 city or county councils or 20 members of the Oireachtas. Then if they can somehow manage to put together the substantial amount money it costs they can actually run.

      I don’t think we’re ever going to elect someone under 30 as president, but I think it’s a good idea to at least say on principle that you can. Who knows it might help to encourage young people other than the standard YFG types to get involved in politics.

    2. neil

      YesEquality is not campaigning on the Presidential age referendum.

      Though I highly doubt I’d ever vote for anyone under 35 (if they managed to get nominated), I’ll still vote for them to have the freedom to seek nomination and run.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Em…. you’re not supposed to make the decision of adoption based on ones “conscience”. You’re supposed to do it on what’s best for the child.

    What complete and utter deluded moron wrote that piece of junk…. a bishop, right.

  3. Jane

    Adoption agencies are currently not free to act according to concience, they are bound to act in the best interests of the child to be adopted, and after this referendum is passed, they will continue to be bound by the best interests of the child.

    Personally, I’ve had it with the deliberate mendacity of the no side at this stage. Overall, I think they’re the worst people currently alive. I’m sure they’re probably not, but their tactics are odious.

    1. ahjayzis

      The concept of a conscience clause is odious alright. They’re basically arguing that a child’s adoption prospects should depend on the particular prejudices of whatever employee is handling the case. It’s the exact opposite of a child-centred approach.

  4. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    “Bishop Bird told us that we were intent on destroying his church. He said ‘Andrew, you need to understand something, the church has endured for thousands of years and in another 40 years or so, you people will all be dead and all this will be forgotten about and the church will endure for thousands of years more’.”


    Jesus would be turning in his grave.

  5. Tiddle McGee

    It’s not a contradiction: the keys to your front and back doors respectively are probably of equal value, but they may not be the same.

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