Stay At The Castle Of Love



Exterior and bedroom of the castle near Craughwell, Co Galway

Stephen writes:

Sure you’ve seen this story – Joe Caslin installs second mural on the side of a castle – been everywhere for the past couple of days.The castle’s owned by a Galway stonemason and genuinely interesting fellow called Pete Hayes.

What nobody knows is that he rents the castle out on Airbnb. €130 a night to stay in a big gay castle…


Live Like A King In My Castle (AirBnB)

Pics: Dave Sexton/AirBnB

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10 thoughts on “Stay At The Castle Of Love

    1. Rob_G

      Good for him, I’m sure that supporters of the ‘Yes’ side won’t mind giving their custom to someone whose views they share.

      ‘No’ voters can always order some straight-cakes from Ashers.

  1. Humans Eh!

    “Game Of Thrones” style evening of entertainment for me please “Your Grace”

  2. Domestos

    That’s a clear and blatant breach of planning regulations. Pirate flags are no joke.

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