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International works by French street artist Mantra, who has a thing for butterflies – their richly hued scales, their delicate antennae – whether depicted pinned behind the trompe l’oeil of glass display cases or sunning themselves on the side of buildings, as if poised to take flight. Colossal sez:

…the focus on butterflies revolves around his artistic ambitions because the vivid creatures allow him to experiment with color, shape, and texture. Each specimen is rendered freehand before the artist adds detail and the illusory shadows that make them appear three-dimensional. By painting various Lepidoptera species again and again, the artist is “repeating a mantra,” a detail of his practice that informs the moniker he works under.


An homage to François Josef Bosio’s sculpture ‘Cupid With a Bow’ (1808) by Spanish street art duo PichiAvo for the 2020 Wonderwalls Port Adelaide festival in southern Australia.

The original, famously, had no bow. PichiAvo lined up the Roman god with an ‘arrow’ in the form of an existing horizontal conduit on the wall.

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This afternoon.

Richmond Hill, Dublin 6.

As long as you don’t look at it you should be fine.



Mural on Richmond Hill, Rathmines, Dublin 6


At Richmond Hill in Rathmines, Dublin 6.

A new coronavirus mural was unveiled by artistic collective Subset Dublin.

Via Subset Dublin

Coronavirus: The Virus Era (Subset Dublin)

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Chatham street, Dublin 2

Garry Walsh writes:

Today, marks the 4 year anniversary of the murder of Honduran environmentalist and human rights defender, Berta Caceres.

Berta was killed for standing up against big business in Honduras to protect her people’s environmental and human rights..

Trócaire asked mural artist Emmalene Blake (ESTR) to create a stunning mural in Dublin city centre to commemorate the anniversary of Berta’s death. This 1 minute video (above) shows the making of the mural.


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