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The Fraud And Hope – a painted illusion (commenting on climate change, melting ice and the role of water) painted on the roof of the OK Centre For Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria last year by Iranian muralist Medhi Ghadyanloo.


Th architectural abstractions of David Louf, aka Mr June, who’s been applying these 3D trompe l’oeils to buildings around the world since 1985.

MORE: Striking Three-Dimensional Interventions by Mr. June Layer Geometric Paintings Onto Architectural Elements (Colossal)

On Friday night.

The ‘Empty? Occupy!’ mural on North Frederick Lane, Dublin 1, was painted over with black paint.

The mural was on a wall around the corner from 34, North Frederick Street, which was occupied by housing activists for a number of weeks until they were evicted on September 11.


Pics: Brian Lawless and Niall Jackson

This morning.

Aungier St, Dublin 2.

A mural for Lidl’s ‘Serious Support’ for women’s GAA

Name those players, anyone?

Also: artist?


Meanwhile, yesterday…

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

A  mural for POW! WOW! creative collective at Worcester Massachusettts by street artist OG Slick.

Because three Mickey Mouse hands spray-painting a big smiley face.


The work of French artist Julien Malland aka ‘Seth Globepainter’, exploring the worder, innocence and creativity of childhood at various locations in Paris and Neuf Brisach in Alsace.


On the wall of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum, a huge mural by the late artist Keith Haring is revealed after thirty years shuttered behind weatherboarding installed a few years after its completion in 1986.


Last evening at the junction of Clarence St and Lr George’s St, Dún Laoghaire – previously (top pic)  the location of a Yes For Repeal mural..

Ultan Mashup writes:

Not ‘Stones fans. But a nice GRMA to Dún Laoghaire and a message for Norn Iron.

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